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    I just picked up the Change Becomes Us RSD 2013 2 x LP at the Amoeba on Haight Street in San Francisco. (A word to the wise, waiting in a queue for 3 hours on Haight St. on 4/20 for a record store to open up is a bad idea - I think I have a contact high...)

    Numbered record - 3000 copies. Glossy cover, gatefold, it's a nicely done "piece". Guessing this is an international release?

    Also bought too too too much stuff. I was surprised that the Durutti Column "A Paean To Wilson" made it to the US. Bought the Rhino mystery Side By Side single - and now I'm stuck with a Grateful Dead / Dr. John "Iko Iko" - that's one way to shit $8.
    One other thing - I just checked ebay and it's swarming with overpriced copies. I hate that whole crappy thing where people by a copy of something at Record Store Day only to try and make a profit. I know that "it's a free world" but I would much prefer that someone who actually cares for the band gets to buy it at the store rather than having to resort to buying a "scalped" copy (to use ticket selling parlance...)
    Record Store Day is a sham, ask any record shop owner how they really feel. Now people will be bidding on expensive copies of things (with highly manufactured scarcity) and it will be taking away money that could be spent at shops. Any record store owner will tell you that business in the weeks before and after RSD are very slow.
    I can't imagine record store owners actually pooh-pooh-ing physical product. The RSD releases are bought at the shops and then put on ebay, so the shops make money. (I don't like the ebay part but it at least starts off at the shops). Physical product, expecially desirable product is what helps keep independent record stores open.
    Piccadilly Records in MCR were doing a brisk trade when I went in today. There are plenty of RSD items left including the CBU vinyl so I advise anyone who wants that to check the record shops first before resorting to eBay scalpers. I managed to get everything on my list pretty much without queuing for hours on the day.

    Some mates of mine have just started a new Record Shop/Cafe. They found RSD an overwhelmingly positive experience. They had a box full of RSD stuff to sell which helped draw the crowds in, but most importantly it gave them a ton of invaluable free publicity to kick start their new business and they did a storming first weekend .

    You'll always get knobheads who want to spoil the party by ripping fans off but ultimately I think RSD puts record shops in the spotlight in a mainly positive way and does more good than harm, and I've got a bag full of cool records to listen to so I'm a happy punter.
    When is the "normal" release of the Change Becomes Us LP scheduled for? I wasn't able to get the RSD limited edition version here in Canada.
    I was extremely pissed off on RSD. I went to 5 different record stores and not one store received any copies of the new WIRE album even after they ordered it!! WTF??? I ended up buying one on eBay but I am not a happy camper!! How do they decide which records go where?
    In the UK they're allocated to shops depending on how much stuff they normally order and sell with the distributor in question which in the case of CBU is Cargo I think.

    As I said above if anyone wants it and is in the UK, Piccadilly Records still have copies and any that are left will be on Mail Order from this Saturday:
    At the risk of complaining too much, I have to say I was very unhappy with how the release worked for RSD.

    I live in Toronto - the biggest city in Canada and fourth largest in North America. Toronto also has some of the best record shops on the continent (a fact I can attest to having been to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, etc.). There are also a lot of Wire fans here - including some of the shop owners, so I'm sure they tried to get it. Not one of the shops here got the release. Not a single one. And, yet, I've heard about shops from places like Minnesota and Pennsylvania getting the record.

    It makes no sense at all. All I want is to get the new record on vinyl and it shouldn't be this difficult.
    On the US Record store day site when they announced what records were available, they said that it would be available as a US RSD Exclusive only. But to be available other retailers at a later date. Obviously this looks not to have happened & it was not for sale on RSD. Wonder why?? Possible late delivery?? I know that The Subway Sect 7" & Edwyn Collins 7" were late coming from the pressing plant & did not arrive till mid Saturday.
    "I can't imagine record store owners actually pooh-pooh-ing physical product. The RSD releases are bought at the shops and then put on ebay, so the shops make money. (I don't like the ebay part but it at least starts off at the shops). Physical product, expecially desirable product is what helps keep independent record stores open."

    You're missing the point. Because of the highly manufactured scarcity, many people go into shops looking for a certain release and leave empty handed and then go on Ebay and spend highly inflated amounts of money to acquire those items thus taking money away from record stores. Shop owners also say that the weeks leading up to and following RSD are their slowest weeks of the year so it all kind of evens out.

    How many people on this board (the most dedicated of Wire fans) actually managed to snag a copy of the CBU vinyl? The proof is in the pudding
    i got one without problems, at reckless records in soho. it was the only shop i've seen on that morning where there was no queue at all, was around 12:00 am. went in and asked for CBU. they had it. maybe it was easier in London than anywhere else.
    Mark Bursa and I bought the vinyl in Sister Ray - mid afternoon - ten minutes queuing outside. It was a joyless affair inside - no RSD product to browse through - once inside you had to queue again at the counter and all RSD product was behind the counter - it was like trying to get a beer in a crowded city pub. For those unfamiliar with Berwick St and the surrounding area - there are a few specialist dance record shops round and about. A friend of mine got there early to get a Wedding Present 10". Whilst queuing at Sister Ray for 2 hours he was told that the dance shops had been given copies of various RSD stuff. He snuck round the corner to the dance shop - no queue - and got his record a quid cheaper.
    Picked up a copy of the RSD edition of CBU in the Music Exchange in Nottingham for £15. They still have one copy left in stock as of this morning. Much better vinyl version than the last album which I ended up having to exchange 3 times before I got one that wasn't faulty.
    @stevethehouse - still don't believe that's the case. I have friends who work for a couple of different locations of Rasputin's and Amoeba's in the Bay Area (former record store employee until '92) and they didn't see drops in sales surrounding RSD. And I have a hard time believing that record purchasing would be so binary. - either buying a RSD release or nothing at all. I ended up buying RSD releases AND normal releases. I would expect the people who shop for RSD releases are collectors of many types of music and regular purchasers of releases. I'm not a fan of the scarcity issue and I don't like the fact that people scalp the things, but the fact that these releases are sold by independent record stores, as opposed to chains and amazon, would tend to benefit the independent record stores.

    On a side note - I'm still not sure if my replacement copy of RBT sounds that much better than the bad pressing. Maybe someday they'll release a 2 disc version.
    I must say my first really full on experience of RSD (we were in Berwick St pretty much all day) was overwhelmingly positive. I think you would have a hard job to explain any negative aspects to any of the record store owners or staff on Berwick street!

    This was the first time I actually got my own way with our distributor about what kind of vinyl version to put out. I've always been of the opinion that vinyl in this day & age is a specialist product. It's about the whole thing rather than just being a sound carrier. If somebody just wants the music they can get it from iTunes for £7.99...

    Having said that we had no idea how great the demand would be for the vinyl version of CBU. If you are doing a limited edition you have to decide on the amount before hand so 3000 seemed like a pretty reasonable guess. As it happens we could have done 5000! This meant that a lot of places didn't get supplied. I'm definitely aware that Canada was seriously shorted, in our defence I would say that Canada is not a place we normally sell a lot of records but still I sympathise with the frustration.

    There are definitely places that still had stock by Saturday night. Sister Ray took a lot so it's worth checking with them if you need a numbered copy.

    We will of course do a re-press if we know for sure here is more demand out there (everyone tends to over order for RSD so you have to be careful). It'll still be a double, in a gatefold and should retail for £15.00, it just won't be numbered.

    I think the most positive aspect of RSD is that new shops are opening. Yes, it's gimmicky, yes some people try to sell certain items on e.bay for inflated prices after but this IMO is a small price to pay for keeping good record shops in business. We lost a really amazing local shop a few years back and I sorely miss it. You might get it cheaper on Amazon but will you get some assistant telling you the one you want to buy isn't as good as the one they recommend...
    "You might get it cheaper on Amazon but will you get some assistant telling you the one you want to buy isn't as good as the one they recommend..."

    What you get on Amazon and other sites is worse - online recommendations theoretically based on what you've looked at or ordered but in practice you would never go near with a bargepole.
    Most record shops with any remaining RSD bounty will be putting them on general sale online from midnight tonight so worth checking if you want a CBU Vinyl.
    Piccadilly Records have already sold out btw.
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeApr 26th 2013)
    norman records still have some copies
    Sister Ray Records seems to have a couple of signed copies on ebay, at the same price as they were selling it on RSD.