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    Up in town yesterday, massive sale on at Zavvi (nee Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street)

    This is in the basement, until recently a branch of Sound Control.

    Piles of boxes of CDs, vinyl, DVDs etc, much of it damaged stock. Had an air of "everything must go" about it.

    Among the junk were vast quantities of copies of Gilbert & Lewis' 8 Time.

    By vast quantities I mean more than 250 copies. At least 8 full boxes of 25 CDs, as if they'd come straight from the pressing plant.

    £3 each. So if you haven't got this and are in or near London, I'd get down there....

    I made them an offer - £5 for the lot - which was actually considered, though I was eventually told unsold stock would "go back to the warehouse".

    Someone was a little over-optimistic in the purchasing department!


    nice 1! cheers, i'll be there 2mrw aftie!!!!
    A big favor but if anyone in the London area is able to get me a copy I would be eternally grateful. Would be more than happy to Paypal the amount plus shipping to them.

    [I used to own '8 Time' but needed to sell over half of my collection to fund immigrating to the States... I was brutal with my culling. ]
    Just been down there and picked up a copy of '8 Time'. Apparently the sale is only on for a week. Theres a lot of stuff down there and its in no order and its a bit like panning for gold. You can pick up some good compilations where only the outer card slipcase is slightly damaged. I managed to pick up copy of John Lydon's 'No Irish..." book for a quid as well.

    The good thing about '8 Time' is that its still shrink-wrapped. Also look in the sale on the ground floor as well. Head for the 'dance' bit of it and you can pick up a copy of 'Louder' by Tauchsieder (which features vocals from Colin) for £2.
    i went down there & yer right, it was just chaos - 90% of the boxes i looked in was all compilations & stuff any self respecting PF'er wouldnae touch with a bargepole. looked around the basement, but couldnae see & Time or owt else of interest & beat a hasty retreat! shame, but there you go.