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    Just replayed Angela's album. The first time in quite a few years. What a joy! I can even stand some of the clunky drum samples. What a great shame she and/or Mute didn't allow a follow up.
    I've always enjoyed greatly everything Angela has done: the album, the drop/so single, the track on the touch cassette and the voice contributions to dome, he said, b. gilbert etc.
    Cruel When Complete is a classic in my book
    A (not so) rare gem!
    I loved the ACM album when it came out and still enjoy much of it today. Particularly Just Talk. I don't think the Granada TV version that Mark links to above does it justice. at all Much better is the film that played on SnubTV.
    All the ACM promo films are excellent
    Just Talk really is one of the most beautiful singles ever recorded. Still sends shivers down my spine.

    Not only is it a shame One of Our Girls... was never followed up, it's a national tragedy.
    I would argue to use Bruce's words: "It WAS a major contribution to Western Culture" hahaha
    Yep, I agree that the Granada version of Just Talk is rough and ready (Ian's comments above), but I just like seeing the pair of 'em in that setting! Close listening to the recorded piece is really revealing - the two percussive chiming shards of guitar (the only way I can describe them) are wonderful and I can just perceive a difference in their sound when they're repeated - it sounds like they've been muted. Very subtle, very beautiful.
    Anyone any idea what Angela's actually doing these days? I know she went on to direct some music videos but I've not noticed her even doing any of those since the early 90s.

    Apologies if the answer's in Read & Burn - not finished it yet.
    A brief Googling suggests video credits until at least 1999, and IMDb lists various roles in films and TV. Assuming this is the same Angela Conway, she was working her way up the ladder (trainee > clapper > focus puller > second asst.).
    One of my favorite Wire-side projects... beautiful. :)
    Craig - I'm not casting doubts on your inestimable Googling abilities, but I'd question whether someone with a respectable track record of directing music videos for some fairly high-profile clients would chuck all that in to take jobs way down the showbiz food chain and become a trainee clapper loader. Can't be the same AC, surely?
    "All the ACM promo films are excellent" - Kevin

    Where there others apart from Just Talk and One Of Our Girls?

    As for the Granada TV clip, I saw that as it went out at the time. It was quite a big deal for me back then.

    Incidentally I work with a woman who looks somewhat like Angela. I pointed this out to the co-worker a few months back, pretty safe in the knowledge she wouldnn't know who I was referring to. Sure enough she didn't but I gave her the usual youtube links. Upon viewing she agreed with me and said she found the experience unsettling.
    The only other promo video made was for Time Was. Cameo roles for Bruce, Barry Adamson and Rowland Howard.
    The 12" or CD single of One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing is a must-have for the cover of Lou Reed's Vicious. It too stands right on the edge of being a bit dated due to instrumentation, but somehow saves itself by going on enthusiastically for almost 9 minutes. Contributions seem heavier from Mute Drivers than Bruce, but it definitely still feels like a track he had a hand in.

    If you're at all precious about original versions of covers you may want to skip this one (it strays just the slightest bit into Flying Lizards turf ca. Top Ten) but otherwise it's a lot of fun, and if nothing else entirely suitable for working your favorite overly-serious Lou Reed fan into a frenzy.
    @Dr Up: I'd find it a bit surprising too, hence my "assuming this is the same" qualifier—I've no idea if it is!
    At the time of publication of ELAH Bruce and Angela had begun to record another cover version. A Eurythmics song. When I asked Bruce later what had become of it his reply was short, sharp and with some bitterness: "the least said the better".
    I think that was the last time they worked together.
    Which Eurythmics songs was that, Kevin ?