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    Hmmm. Can't remember. It was one off their first album, In The Garden. May have been Never Gonna Cry Again. Don't quote me on that.
    That's gas, 'cos I was wondering if it might've been that very one. A great tune that, featuring Jaki Liebezeit on drums !
    To my shame I've only recently heard the AC Marias LP. Bagged it in a job lot of LPs that a mate of mine bought for his record shop. I really like it. Sounds strangely contemporary, if it was released today it would be heralded as a minimalist classic (and is not a million miles away from some of the dreamier bits of latter day Wire). I was only vaguely aware of it at the time. Did it sell? Did they play live?
    Angela was at one of the Cafe Oto gigs at Wirefest, I think
    Did it sell? Did they play live?

    Not as much as it should have. They didn't play live.
    Yep, she was in the audience at the Friday gig at Cafe Oto, when Klara and Graham played.
    I love this album, and the song "Just Talk" is a classic. Angela Conway has a wonderful voice. It is a shame that A.C Marias' output is so slender.
    Apart from the album, which I bought, I also have the One Of Our Girls/Vicious CD-single. Which I stole. I still worked in TV Land at the time. The single was a prop on a TV set for a soap (one of the 10 or so CDs next to a CD player in a 'living room') and when I saw it sitting there, inbetween ABBAs and Pink Floyds, I was very surprised. I also couldn't help myself because I wanted 'Vicious'. After the show was recorded I sneaked back to the set and nicked it.

    In another episode the main characters of the series were moving house so there were a lot of cardboard boxes on the set as props. These needed some scribbles on them to look authentic ("BATHROOM 1", "BOOKS", etc) so I wrote "12XU" on one of them. It was a great thrill to see that appear on national TV a few months later, although I don't think many viewers got the message.
    Yintan - nice story! What was the soap?
    Ian - It's probably better if I keep that to myself.
    Haha...shame! Of course I wouldn't expect you to acknowledge, confirm or refute but if I was in detective mode, I'd think AC Marias-Just Talk disc, promo copy sent ahead of AC Marias TV appearance on that Tony Wilson hosted prog on Granada TV, Granada TV soap....
    Detective Ian - I can tell you one thing: you're wrong. Don't give up your day job :-)
    hahaha nice one longer shall I sleuth
    And much as I respect and admire your prop based mischief, it's not a patch on that instance in the animated Rupert Bear of the 90s where a number of the books in a library that Rupert and chums were visiting carried s&m related titles on their spines