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    How about this for a chain of events:

    Robert was singer in The Snakes. When they split Richard Wernham and Rob Smith briefly joined the Art Attacks who RG drummed for on their single. Also in the Art Attacks was Marion Fudger who had been in The Derelicts whom Wire supported on their first gig. Another member of The Art Attacks was JD Haney who joined Monochrome Set who The Amorphons supported on a few gigs. (RG drummed with them briefly). If memory serves the Monochrome Set were also managed by Mick Collins, Wire's then manager.
    When the Derelicts split half formed The Passions and the other formed PragVec whom Davyd Boyd was bassist. Davyd played bass on Gilbert/Lewis 3R4 and Prag Vec also supported Wire in 1979.

    There's probably loads more connections but thought I'd share that one
    Where's Pete Frame when you need him?
    Wasn't he with Family Trees on marimba and ocarina. Hahaha. They did tropical samba versions of Pink Flag on Wire's secret tour of the Caribbean in 1983. It was kept secret with Colin's cover story about going to India.
    Aaah! The Monochrome Set! Another top band still going after all these years (albeit after stops, starts and line-up shuffles), which reminds me of the phrase 'shuffle off this mortal coil' which is reminiscent of the title of their most recent (superb) album 'Platinum Coils'.