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    This probably been mentioned elsewhere - Wire in live ession on 6-Music with Marc Riley even as I type. So far, Love Bends, As We Go and Second Wheel. One more to come.
    Nuts. Just caught the very end of Spent. To the iPlayer (tomorrow)!
    A very croaky Colin and Graham giving their all. Great to hear 3 of the CBU tracks performed live.
    Listening to the session on iplayer right now and I think they sound majestic. The BBC seem to have panned Colin and Matt's guitars into separate speakers, so the effect is great with headphones on.
    Is there a fourth track in Gideon Coe's show afterwards? There usually is.
    All four tracks were played on Marc Riley's show
    Never posted on here before, but thought I'd mention that the band also recorded "Magic Bullet", which was played by Tom Ravenscroft on his show after Marc's, at around 10 to midnight.
    Welcome Nick! Thanks for that. I'll catch up with it on the iplayer. Where would we be without that BBC device...
    Cheers Nick that just what I needed to know!

    The 6 Music M.O is the artist records the session for Marc Reilly then an extra track for the follow show, which used to be Gideon Coe. So if you are listening to somebody in session then don't dash off.
    PS: for those finding Magic Bullet on the iPlayer, it's not listed on the track list but its between The Pixies & White Noise at the end of the programme.
    Personally what I do, because I have Sky, is that when anybody interesting such as Wire has a session on Marc Riley, I Sky+ the whole of Marc's show & the last half hour of the following show. There is usually an extra song recorded, which often is not mentioned during the live part of the session, or indeed online in the list of tracks played.
    Glad I did this again on Thursday or I might have missed "Magic Bullet", in what was, I thought, a fine session.
    Blimey, that was good - thanks for the link lee fact...

    Prefer 'Second Wheel' without the damnable auto tune. And I really like what they do with 'Spent'

    Although I love Change Becomes Us, I do feel it sounds a little tame in places. I enjoyed hearing the four songs from the album freed from such attentive production. I also really enjoyed the version of Spent, with Colin seeming to give everything. I look forward to the XfM session. Does anyone know when it will be aired>
    Xfm should have been 10th May but can't find anything on their website
    I need to update the website, we got bumped by Capitol needing studio for "a megastar" to (recording on) July 29th. John was quite annoyed, he's wanted a session for at least 10 years already!