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    Following on from Wire's 4th Marc Riley session I wonder if there is a comprehensive list of Wire radio sessions?
    Watch this space. Tomorrow all will be revealed. Currently away from my PC.

    1. Practice Makes Perfect, I Am The Fly, Culture Vultures, 106 Beats That
    (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, 31st January 1978)
    2. On Returning, A Mutual Friend, The Other Window, Indirect Enquiries
    (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, 3rd October 1978)
    3. Crazy About Love
    (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, 18th September 1979)
    4. German Shepherds, Boiling Boy, Drill
    (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, 10th May 1988)
    5. Spent, I Don’t Understand, 1st Fast. 99.9
    (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, 19th September 2002)
    6. Perspex Icon, The 15th, Boiling Boy
    (Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 2, 1st September 2008)
    7. Mekon Headman, He Knows, Our Time
    (Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6, 2nd September 2008)
    8. Silk Skin Paws, Mr Marx’s Table, Mekon Headman, Boiling Boy
    (Daytrotter, Chicago, 19th October 2008)
    9. Map Ref, Clay, Bad Worn Thing, Red Barked Tree
    (Daytrotter, Chicago, 19th October 2008)
    10. Clay, Adapt, Please Take
    (Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6, 10th January 2011)
    11. Red Barked Tree
    (Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6, 10th January 2011) recorded at same time as session 10
    12. Down To This, Please Take, Adapt, Pink Flag
    (Brian Turner, WFMU, Jersey City, 4th April 2011)
    13. Bad Worn Thing, Clay, Kidney Bingos, Moreover
    (The Afternoon Show, KEXP, Seattle, 13th April 2011)
    14. Adapt, Comet, Smash, Please Take, Kidney Bingos, Clay, Map Ref 41°N 93°W, Moreover, Two People in a Room, Down To This, Drill, Red Barked Tree, Pink Flag
    (Recorded live at France Inter, Maison de Radio France, Paris, 10th May 2011)
    15. Smash, Boiling Boy, Map Ref 41°N 93°W
    (Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6, 21st November 2011)
    16. Moreover
    (Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6, 21st November 2011) recorded at same time as session 15
    17. Love Bends, As We Go, Reinvent Your Second Wheel, Spent
    (Marc Riley, BBC Radio 6, 9th May 2013)
    18. Magic Bullet
    (Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6, 9th May 2013) recorded at same time as session 17
    11.5 Red Barked Tree
    (Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6, 10th January 2011)

    I wasn't aware of Section #10 the second Daytrotter Session from Oct '08, does anybody know if it's on-line?
    Thanks for the 11.5 heads up. Will add it the complete discography
    i think there's another one around the time of R&B2 (tom Robinson?) on R6 where they do a couple of oldies and a couple of R&B tracks? never heard it mind.....
    Have done a trawl round t'interweb and Beeb website and nothing on Tom Robinson session. Until confirmed it will only remain a rumour.
    It happened! 25th or 26th April 2002. I'd have to check if I have a recording, if not Mark B might..
    Ha ha! Thanks Colin. Will investigate further
    Thanks Kevin.
    It might be an idea to release the Marc Riley sessions as part of the Legal Dowload series?
    I would love to have the last John Peel session and the Tom Robinson recording as I am particularly fond of the Send era recordings and would be intrigued to hear different versions of these tracks. Perhaps Pink Flag could oblige with an EP release.
    Was there a Gideon Coe track broadcast after the 2008 Marc Riley session that was recorded specially for it or am I getting confused?
    Found this in the collection, Wire - Metropol, Wien, Austria - 14/11/1987. Austrian Radio (ORF).

    Another couple I think were live radio broadcasts - Lausanne, Les Docks, 24/02/2011 on Bayern 2 Radio (?) and Barcelona, Primavera Festival, 28/05/2010 on WFMU Radio.

    The original aired 'Black Session' (Paris, 10th May 2011) set also included Bad Worn Thing, which was not included on the official PF release.
    It does count but the original request from SteveP was for WIRE sessions not Wir sessions.

    The Vien session is included in my master discography.

    As for the ones listed by themuseumcat. These are not radio sessions (i.e. recorded in radio studio) but live performances then broadcast on radio. Yes I am aware I have contracted myself as session 5 (above) is from ATP in 2000.
    Just about all of the ATP 2000 set was broadcast on various 6Music shows around that time. Definitely doesn't count as a session!

    I'm not sure I have got the Tom Robinson 02 session. Might have one track. The days before iPlayer - you could capture a stream on Total Recorder, but only if the dial-up connection held.

    I will remove the ATP session from master discography. I am persuaded by Mark's comments above. Thanks