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    On their website, Mojo magazine are currently inviting folk to make comments on How to buy Wire. Pile in with your views to enlighten the rest of the world!
    Here is the link

    I would get in there quick if you want to have your say, was posted last month so presume they'll close comments soon.
    The current edition is out.

    Number one I won't spoil it!
    Ah not seen it yet, guess it was too late to add most of our two penneth.

    I presume The Drill isn't number one!
    > I presume The Drill isn't number one!

    Ha! Drill is in my top three Wire songs, and even I have a tough time making it thru the whole album. As an exercise in monotony and endurance—both song and especially album—more often than not I admit defeat.
    It looks like most of us were too late to have our comments included in the magazine. By and large it's a fair assessment. Although how The Ideal Copy gets in there ahead of A Bell Is a Cup... I'll never know. The presence of the last two albums – along with Send – vouches for quality of Wire's work in recent years. I'd have actually been tempted to put Red Barked Tree so high up that it broke up the 'holy trinity' from 77-79.
    It serves then welll that article. It's good to see the new stuff up there with the classics, and although the top 3 will surprise nobody the number one isn't the obvious one. It's nice to see it all laid out as a body of work.
    On the subject of buying Wire I spotted this rare item on Ebay. Not seen this one before and autographed to!
    My personal top 10:

    1) Chairs Missing
    2) Send Ultimate
    3) 154
    4) Change Becomes Us
    5) Pink Flag
    6) Red Barked Tree
    7) Coatings
    8) Peel Sessions
    9) A-Z (Colin Newman)
    10) Document & Eyewitness
    Rather predictable tedious ho-hum Mojo muso cobblers, that list.

    The inclusion of A-Z at the expense of Bell is a Cup is frankly a flogging offense. Quite aside from the fact that it's not a Wire album (duh), it's not even Colin's best one (that'll be Not To).

    Get Bell is a Cup at number one, include The First Letter in the top six, bomb out Send and A-Z altogether and we're maybe getting somewhere. But that wouldn't be the Mojo style, would it?
    Well if you're including compilations here's mine.....

    1 - Change Becomes Us
    2 - 154
    3 - Chairs Missing
    4 - Pink Flag
    5 - Red Barked Tree
    6 - Behind The Curtain
    7 - A Bell Is A Cup (Until It Is Struck)
    8 - The Peel Sessions Album
    9 - The Drill
    10 - The First Letter
    ooh, this is fun. I totally disagree with Dr Up's statement above, so let arguements ensue!
    1. 154
    2. Manscape
    3. A Bell Is A Cup
    4. Pink Flag
    5. Ideal Copy
    6. Send
    7. O47
    8. Chairs Missing
    9. CBU
    10. Drill
    Yes, that's right NO RBT - I go back to all Wire's output, but I suspect that'll collect a lot of dust b4 it get another run out!
    If it were easier to get data and compile, it'd be interesting to see how a modern A List would turn out.
    my personal top 10 of the vinyl versions:
    1. 154
    2. Chairs Missing
    3. Change Becomes Us
    4. PF456 Redux
    5. Pink Flag
    6. The Ideal Copy
    7. A Bell Is A Cup
    8. Red Barked Tree
    9. Object 47 + Read & Burn 03
    10. The First Letter
    If i should include also the EPs then both Snakedrill and Crazy About Love would probably make my top 10.
    Manscape at Number 2, Mr Garage Band?! You'll definitely be in the minority with that one!

    Let's see...

    1. Chairs Missing
    2. Red Barked Tree
    3. Pink Flag
    4. A Bell Is A Cup...
    5. Send (Ultimate)
    6. Change Becomes Us
    7. 154
    8. The Ideal Copy
    9. The First Letter
    10. Object 47
    1-4 are all really packed tightly together in my mind, as are 7–10. Indeed, 7–10 could flip around a bit depending on my mood.

    1. Send [Ultimate]
    2. Chairs Missing
    3. 154
    4. Change Becomes Us
    5. Pink Flag
    6. Red Barked Tree
    7. The Ideal Copy
    8. The First Letter
    9. Manscape
    10. IBTABA
    Hey Ho

    1. The Drill
    2. The First Letter
    3. The Ideal Copy
    4. Pink Flag
    5.Chairs Missing
    6. Object 47
    7. 154
    8. IBTABA
    9. A Bell is a cup
    10. CBU
    I'm not one for ordering things into Top 10s, it's a moveable feast and I don't feel a compulsion to rank these things, my tastes change from day to day and for example I'm really warming to Send which I didn't like that much when it came out. It's like trying to decide whether you prefer Steak & Chips or a Thai Curry. Depends what you're in the mood for!

    Whether you agree with their selection or not I found the Mojo thing interesting because it shed a light onto how a mainstream music paper and its readers see Wire...and although the Harvest Trilogy occupied the obvious top 3, (albeit without the entirely obvious No.1) it was great that recent Wire works were in there and they had a crack at the 80s stuff and a bit of solo Wire stuff too. I thought it was a reasonable primer into the world of Wire.
    I understand the counter-view that top 10 lists are snapshots and lack critical perspective, but I still enjoy looking at them. The disparity of the tables selected is interesting in itself. Five different number ones...
    Every album selected within the first seven responses; and though I find Horatio's selection baffling, I would love to discuss his selection over a glass of port, and see what I have missed with these records.
    Although I am in a minority, I still cling to the view that the Ideal Copy and A Bell is a Cup are weak albums. They both contain superb tracks, but the gulf with the weaker tracks is too stark.
    I agree with the comment about the inclusion of Eps; if I were to expand the criteria I would include Snakedrill and Read & Burn 3 at the expense of A-Z and D&E.
    In response to Dr Up, Mojo were looking at both Wire and solo material, but your point about A-Z vs. Not To is correct: I chose the wrong album from Colin Newman.