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    Ok. Something for us all to share. It's Saturday 18thMay.
    Name one disc you have spun today:

    Mine is: Miles Davis - The New Miles Davis Quintet. (from 1956)!
    Primal Scream - More Light
    First Play
    Marnie Stern - The Chronicles of Marnia
    Daphne Oram - Oramics
    the best of the cars. 50p from a charity shop and i was curious ;-)

    (background data. last night i was really excited to play a "wire live 1979 french dvd" i'd just traded. turned out to be "live wire" , not wire. aaarrgghhhh , what a let down. what he sent me was a compilation of some french show called encore containing some quit egood stuff like undertones , jam , david johanssen , cars, and some old toss like live wire. i've never heard a cars album before and thought i'd give it a bash. maybe i shouldn't have)
    Philip Catherine - September Man (1974 Atlantic)

    Bass – John Lee
    Drums – Gerry Brown
    Guitar – Philip Catherine
    Piano, Organ – Jasper Van't Hoff
    Producer – Marc Moulin
    Saxophone, Flute – Charlie Mariano
    Trumpet – Palle Mikkelborg
    Room To Live - The Fall

    I must admit it passed me by at the time for some reason but I've since bought it on cd and pretty damn good it is, too. I'm not that keen on Marquis Cha-Cha, but the likes of Joker Hysterical Face, Hard Life in Country and Solicitor in Studio more than make up for it.
    Last disc of the day:
    Magma - Félicité Thösz
    Kevin I wish you pleasant dreams tonight after dose of Magma at the end of the day!
    Still early here, but I'm done listening for the night. Transit Express - Opus Progressif
    New Musik - Anywhere
    I suppose I should have played some Joy Division given the date, but I've been playing the No Joy album 'Wait for Pleasure' which is utterly wonderful...and now giving CBU yet another spin, good Saturday night music!
    Branford Marsalis Quartet - Four MFs Playing Tunes.
    Morton Feldman: Patterns In A Chromatic Field

    Nothing of Bruce's, even though it was his birthday, though I had played a fair bit of his back catalogue during the week, which really hit the spot. This Way is still the high watermark for me. Ordier is the low point.
    Micachu & The Shapes - Never

    (current Bruce high watermark for me is Insiding - which I only came to quite recently)
    I saw Clinic on May 18th, so I played a couple of Clinic albums on the way up to the gig - Walking with Thee and the latest one, Free Reign.
    Well 2 days ago & for most of passed couple of weeks i have mostly been playing Silence Yourself by Savages. WOnderful stuff!
    The new Small Black album Limits of Desire on lovely white vinyl. Not as good as the excellent New Chain, but I'm confident it'll be a grower.
    It Hugs Back - Recommended Record is a bit of a grower