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    There's been discussion (some very recently) on the Ideal Copy email group about how the number seems to appear an awful lot in our everyday lives. I witnessed one yesterday and thought it might be fun if we had a place to drop in here and post whenever it shows up.

    Last night I was watching the NY Mets take on the St. Louis Cardinals. Quickly, for those unfamiliar with baseball, batting averages for most players are in the 20 - 30% range, and are displayed in thousandths. So, a decent hitter would have an average of about .250 - .275, while a great hitter's could be .300 - .330 or higher. Batting averages and other statistics are displayed on TV at various times during a game, and always as each player comes up for his turn at bat.

    Pitchers, having to concentrate their efforts on throwing the ball to get batters out, don't typically hit too well. Todd Wellemeyer, the pitcher for the Cardinals, stepped up to the plate for his first at-bat of the game. His batting average... oh you've guessed it by now :o)

    the 154 bus stops/starts at Crystal Palace (south London)!
    There's a state trunk highway in Wisconsin called 154!
    Whilst doing the invterviews that made up the content of the Wire book Colin and I met and went to a cafe just off Charing Cross Road and about halfway through the interview Colin looked up and said 'I dont believe it, we're sat in number 154!"
    Since I started the discussion on the 'list', 154 has hit me 2-4 times, each evoking a 'HA'! utterance from my lips. what IS it about numbers that make an indelible impression on our minds? anyone? is it that we 'will' them to occur?
    Saros Series 154:

    He might replace the old with the moon....
    Just switched on the telly and ....Underworld was just starting, Ultraviolet takes the name XPD154................ there's just no getting away from it is there..........
    154 occurs frequently
    Then again the brain picks up on patterns
    I had a computer which has been stolen by Manchestuh Shitty Council whose first three numbers of registration were 154.
    I always seem to look up at the CD player as the timer hits 154 (a sixth sense?)

    Anyway I am disgusted with Britain and its descent into fascist oppression (two immoral wars for WHAT>>>???!!!)

    I am heading south before this crappy island floods as it certainly will WHEN the ice caps melt.

    had a right laugh when Baz Warne ad libbed Peaches for the Stranglers:

    'I could think of much worse places to be
    Like stuck in Piccadilly looking at all the crap Christmas decoration in November!'

    anyone who has been to Belgium should realise
    Britain is a shithole.

    Nothing will change G, that's why i spent most of my life NOT living there