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    Just got hold of Quay Brothers catalogue for MOMA exhibition at beginning of this year.
    Nice to see it include their artwork for Duet Emmo album. Went back to listen to it again and it has some great moments and clearly points the way towards the first He Said album.
    Can't get enough of the Quay's animation and calligraphy.
    Couldn't agree more, Kevin.

    There's a link here between this discussion and the ongoing one about vinyl versus digital/CD: I spent a long time tracking down a vinyl version of the Duet Emmo album, not for the vinyl but for the cover! It is superb in the original 12 inch form. The observation people make about the high status of cover artwork on some LPs was never more pertinent than for that cover.

    Do you have the BFI DVD of the Quays' collected short films? It's brilliant. Also includes some interviews with the two of them.
    I agree with you about LP artwork over CD artwork. Fortunately I have a framed promo poster of the Duet Emmo album. Plus there's the two posters they did for Dome 2 & 3.
    Yes I do have the Quay's collected DVD, alongside the two feature films. Wonderful stuff.
    Framed promo poster? Jealous? Moi?
    The Royal College of Art threw out some very interesting and innovative characters back in the heady 70s: of couse, there was that other Wire partner-in-crime, Russell Mills. If I remember correctly, he did the calligraphic design for the Ahead single - I think.
    Russell and Wire go back a long way. Russell's work with Dome/Cupol/MZUI goes with saying.
    Russ did the design for The Ideal Copy and Ahead as well as the first He Said album. His artwork for TIC was rejected.
    I visited the Quays retrospective at MoMA in November...the highlight for me was seeing quite a large collection of the little sets from some of the classic short films, like Street of Crocodiles. As well as the Duet Emmo sleeve and LP label, they had one of the AC Marias 12" covers on display too (Just Talk?).

    I'd thought for years that the Duet Emmo cover really looked like the Quays work...and I suppose if you look, you can make out "Atelier Konnick, London" in the design. I agree, it's a classic cover...I like the version on the back of the Duet Emmo 12" too.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that EG Lewis had recorded some soundtrack for the Quays, does anyone know more about this or did I imagine it?
    Of course I completely forgot Just Talk.
    I know a Dome track was used for one of their short films but can't remember which.
    Sharing the Quay Brothers love. The BFI compilation DVD is a thing of wonder. Shame they never got to do any Wire promo videos, though: their promos for the excellent His Name is Alive are fantastic.
    Thank you very much Kevin! That's made my lunchtime!

    Did anyone catch the much-derided Pere Ubu collaboration from a couple of years ago? I didn't..although the Youtube vids do give a hint of what it was like.
    Agreed that the Duet Emmo / Dome art is some of the best I've ever seen. Even purchased a redundant copy of the Dome 3 + 4 disc just to get another copy of the insert so I can frame the poster reproduction. Hasn't happened yet (good framing is so expensive), but I look forward to finally hanging it on my wall... someday.
    I can recommend the BFI Jan Svankmajer short film DVD collection - obviously a major and acknowledged influence on the Quays. (There's a Quays contribution on one of the DVDs too)

    Svankmajer did of course make a foray into the world of pop promo video - with the somewhat unlikely pairing with Hugh Cornwell (post-Norferatu unfortunately).

    I recall seeing the Quays films (or at least one - Are We Still Married, I think) for His Name Is Alive years ago on the days when Channel 4 threw up some interesting TV. Quay Brothers on national TV at 8pm on a Friday evening? It seems so unlikely!
    Channel 4 (through the Quays producer Keith Griffiths) brought most of the Quays short films to the general public.
    Their films about Stravinsky and Janacek remain unavailable as the music rights were for TV only. Their film about Svankmajer is available in edited form on the DVD set, it doesn't include the contributions from the 'experts'.
    I thought it was a Bruce solo track that was used on a Quay Bros film?

    Sky Arts showed quite a few of the films a couple of years ago, bit none with any Wire-related input.
    To clear up a few points....

    Bruce and I met Tim and Stephen Quay in 1980 through Russell Mills, he was a huge fan of their work... they were legendary at the RCA already by then!
    Russell suggested the idea of screening The Quay's first feature length film "Those Who Desire Without End", as part of a night Bruce and I curated at Notre Dam Hall, Leicester Square... the evening's entertainment also included Blurt, DAF, the one and only performance of Kluba Cupol and the London performing debut of a young Shinro Ohtake.

    The Quays made poster images for Domes 1&2 not 2&3, we didn't commission them, they were a present, they enjoyed Dome music.
    The front image for the Duet Emmo 12" "So It Seems" was an image of mine made by a technique involving a NO camera exposure of Polaroid Land film and lino cutting. Other examples of images made with this technique are the cover for Dome 4 and the He Said 12"+7" covers of "Pulling 3Gs/ Pale Footed".

    During the earl 80s Russell and I were neighbours in St.Oswald's Place in Vauxhall. Russell designed/ put together my images for "Ahead", a selection from a piece of automatic writing photocopied. He Said "Hail" were images from floorboard varnishing and painting. Russell and David Coppenhall did a cover for "The Ideal Copy" which we rejected. I made the one which went into production, a photocopy collage.
    The collaboration with Russell followed similar lines for the covers for He Saids "Only One I", "Pump"and "Pulling 3Gs"... my images with Russell's typography.

    I hope this clarifies ...
    Hi Graham
    Sorry to correct you but Dome posters were definitely for 2 and 3.
    The artwork for Dome 3 poster was also used for French edition of Louis -Ferdinand Celine's 'Rigadon' book.

    For those wanting to find the (20 minute only...not feature length) Quay film mentioned by Graham it's on the BFI DVD under its correct title 'Nocturna Artificialia'.
    Just unearthed an old poster for one of the series of Echoes From The Cross concerts that Russell Mills curated at St. Peter's Church back in the mid-80's. The one of interest to this thread is from 6th September 1986. Amongst the music that night was the premiere of Nigel Grierson's (of 23 Envelope designers fame) film 'Maelstrom'. It included music by Colin and Duet Emmo.
    I have no recollection of what film was like. Probably abstract like his artwork.
    Dome 1&2 Kevin.
    Interesting to see the poster mentioned earlier in this thread [] - I had a variant on this, so there must be at least two versions. The one I had was a record shop freebie - at that time I used to get quite a few as I'd gotten to know the record shop people - mostly 4AD ones I got - they were all A3 size. The Duet Emmo one was very similar to the linked one, but had more text - and the typography used was slightly different to that which appeared on the LP sleeve - in fact, its like what you see in the insert of the CD version now. Alas, I no longer have it...
    Thanks Graham. Very confusing for us poor fans as posters say 2 and 3.

    Yes there is a smaller DuetEmmo poster and also a sticker that Mute gave away when it was issued on CD. The original poster was done for original vinyl release.