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    Kevin, the devil is in the detail...I repeat the posters were not commissioned... Tim and Stephen gave us the images when Dome 3 had not even been made!
    Graham, I have a proof copy of an alternative cover for The Ideal Copy. It features the same photocopied image as on the final release, but on a multicoloured background, with different typography (a sort of dot-matrix calculator font). Is this the Quays' design, or something else entirely?

    It's a printer's proof, with colour information marks etc, on proper album cover-weight card. I found it hanging on the wall of a secondhand record shop in the late '90s, and made a derisory offer of a fiver, which was accepted!

    Thanks for clearing up the Dome poster mystery - I often wondered if there was a matching "Dome 1". Now I know there isn't, but there is!
    Glad we're sorted now!
    Mark I'm curious to see what the proof is you have...
    I'll send you a pic of it.
    That Rick Poynor piece is excellent. Surely 'surreal' is one of the most misused and abused terms in modern language? How often do we hear somebody describe a slightly weird experience as being 'surreal'? In its purest form, the term should apply to a situation or event where there's an unexpected and disturbing juxtaposition between two elements that ordinarily would not come together..

    Look at the last few phrases in Poynor's introduction:
    "..a place to encounter the strange, the fantastical and the uncanny, to rediscover our lost sense of mystery.." That sums up much of Wire's music for me!
    Well said that man!