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    Tickets go on sale tomorrow for several dates in September......
    Sweet - on the 154th day of the year Wire announce a gig in my home town of Leeds 2 days before my birthday. At the Brudenell Social Club too. Today is a good day!
    Re The Brudenell - travelled up from London on Saturday to go there to see Subway Sect. A small but great venue - great sound - VERY REASONABLE BAR PRICES!

    Re the tour - I'm wondering if this is all there is as I heard they were playing Leicester - first time since 1978.

    They're also playing London on July 28th - this was announced a couple of days ago.....
    Tour dates are filtering onto ticket sites as I type..
    why does the most recent email I received say Bowery Ballroom NYC on July 15th? isn't it the 16th? or is this an addition?
    Glasgow King Tut's on September 17. That'll do nicely.
    Glasgow King Tut's on September 17. That'll do nicely.

    Too true! Wire's performance the last time they were at King Tut's was majestic
    Bugger...Wire play Manchester on the penultimate day of my two weeks in Venice. Damn.
    Raging. I'm overseas for the second two weeks in September, so looks like I'm seeing none of this.

    How easy is it to get to Utrecht from Scotland anyway?
    Two tixs purchased for King Tuts. They were great the last time they played there. Same spot hopefully for us again.
    can't make the Manchester date but I think I may have a long overdue visit to Newcastle. What's the Cluny like? Any good?
    Only been once to the Cluny back in 2009. I came away with a favourable impression of the venue. Fairly small space, decent sound, separate bar/food area if I recall correctly. The mate I went with has been a fair few times and is a prolific gig-goer, and he's fond of the place.
    Cluny is decent venue - narrow, longish room with low roof, and separate bar area that's probably bigger than the venue bit. Saw ACR there a few years ago
    Leeds, Manchester and Paris for me, and maybe Skipton......
    Sounds like your on tour yourself!
    On holiday on the Skipton date, and Paris falling on a Sunday is unfortunate, but I should be able to go.
    Hoping to bring my boy to one of the dates.
    Norwich! When was the last time Wire came here? (I cannot remember it if they did!)
    According to the Gig list
    It was a place called Ricky's in March 1978, although Graham Lewis said in a Quietus recently the gig never happened because the crew couldn't get the PA system through the door. The evening did however provide the inspiration for the text for 'Dot Dash'

    Full article here:

    "Graham Lewis:
    We arrived in Norwich, and in the gigography the place was called Ricky's, which sounds about right for that time. We arrived to find the truck there, but we couldn't play the show because they couldn't get the bass bins of the PA system through the doors. Little short of remodelling the doors of the club there was nothing to be done, so the date was cancelled. We then got back into the car and headed back for London. We're driving along the A11, and there's a car coming towards us, straight on. I remember saying to Mike 'that guy's driving rather fast'. It was still a two-lane highway, and he was driving so close that when he finally came upon us there was a shower of sparks. He took off all of the chrome trim on the side of the car, and then he was gone. It turned out to be the source for 'Dot Dash'. Although one is always accused of being obscure, blah blah ecetera, in this case it was 'how can one capture the terror?'."
    • CommentAuthorjw says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 30th 2013)
    I have a special relationship to "Dot Dash". It woke me up after a car crash in 1978. I was dead to the world when my friend at Virgin Records where I was working at the time, Jay Bower, came into the ward and showed me the cover.

    At the same time, the Talking Heads album 'More songs About Buildings and Food" came out. That was a very confusing cover image if you were semi-comatose.

    I remember vividly lying in a hospital bed and seeing the blue silhouette of the "Dot Dash" cover and thinking, hey, this is how you got here.