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    For anyone interested in tuning in, Marc Riley will be playing Wire's 1988 Peel session on Monday night (7th July 2008) 0n 6music (BBC radio).

    Details of the original broadcast -

    Recorded at BBC Maida Vale studio 4 - April 24th 1988 & first broadcast May 10th 1988

    Produced by Dale Griffin
    Engineered by Simon Clifford and Simon Askew

    01 German Shepherds (5:33)
    02 Boiling Boy (5:36)
    03 Drill (8:33)
    Just to remind everyone that said session is also available on the Coatings CD.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 4th 2008 edited)
    shame they don't do the '78/'79 sessions, they were, after all, released on strange fruit (SFRCD108) that'd be a real treat as I don't think it's available any more and there's nine great trax,including a 15min 30 sec long 'Crazy about Love'
    Ari - yeah that's the one i got - cracker!
    Forgive me, but I thought it was pretty good that Wire were getting some airplay - whatever tracks or session it happens to be. Also, this particular session is often forgotten when lists are compiled, so it's rather good that it has been brought back to the fore - and very good timing too as Object 47 is on the horizon, which Marc Riley will obviously mention.
    Totally agree you mad devil you, still think it'd be nice to do older stuff for the younger listener.......
    I agree with Madman. Even the BBC's Peel Sessions website doesn't acknowledge the '80s session, so it's good that it's been unearthed. Perhaps if another CD ever happens, it can include that session, along with Wire's Camber Sands set in 2000 and the 2002 Peel Session.
    The 88 Peel session is on 'Coatings'.

    The real missing session is the one recorded about 2002 for Tom Robinson in the very early days of BBC Radio 6. Don't even know what tracks were played - think it was some old stuff and some Send stuff - does anyone have a recording of that session?

    There's also a later Peel session (2004) with 99.9, Comet etc. Rougher, more live-sounding versions compared to Send.

    Blimey, Mark. That anorak is getting shabby! ; )

    That Peel session was from 2002.
    Well, it was great to hear the session being played properly - on radio (yes, we all know it's on Coatings) again. Marc Riley is a huge Wire fan, so he was the right person to be playing this stuff. The session is back in the BBC archives (it was missing) again, where it belongs - so that's great too.

    Thanks for choosing this session for the show Colin - fabulous stuff!
    Did anyone tape this, or do you know if there is a "listen again" feature?
    Thanks, great sessions!! Interesting version of german shepherds (IBTABA version still does it for me though). I like how WIRE aren't afraid to change things up in the Peel of my favourite Wire songs is the Peel version of The Other Window, and one of my worst tracks is the album version! :)