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    Any Peter Jefferies fans in the Wire community? I recently revisited his solo catalog and it struck me there is something about his music that reminds me of 154 era Wire, and some of the individual solo works around that time. His voice doesn't sound anything like Colin or Graham, but there is something within the song structures or some other esthetic that I can't quite articulate. Some will say I'm crazy, but I swear I hear something there that's similar.
    I don't think you are too far off at all. I don't hear much Wire in Peter Jefferies solo material (other than a few of the guitar/drums driven tracks) but I do hear a ton of Wire influence in This Kind of Punishment (his band with his brother).

    Not too many people know this but Peter actually did front a proper "punk" band called the Nocturnal Projections in the early 80's. They sounded A LOT like Wire and had a very similar tension/release thing going with their sound. Their records are long out of print and I'd be happy to upload them in you or anyone else is interested.