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    I am considering spending my children's inheritance on Recycling Sherwood Forest, which will reduce my meagre savings by £67.00. I appreciate that I will also get some live "bootlegs", but I really would appreciate any feedback on the album before I test my credit card.
    So, can anyone tell me, how good is it?
    Stevie -
    I've recently acquired 'Sherwood' and I reckon it's excellent. Yes, you can hear the way the tracks have been worked-on, polished, 'reconfigured' and generally spruced-up, which is one of its strengths. The bass is powerful and the embellishments (those that I can detect) really do make good sonic sense. There's not a duff track. The two 'new' songs (Art of Persistence and He Knows) sound better here than in any other form. There's also some amusing crowd banter to be heard.

    Of course, all the above is 'in my opinion'.
    Re-Cycling Sherwood Forest is excellent if you can put up with a rubbish download service, and vague non-committal timelines for when you'll actually get the products you paid for.