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    Wire have just confirmed another UK date for the Summer in Preston, Lancashire on Friday 16th August. Its at a venue called The Continental, an annex to a real ale pub/restaurant in a great spot next to a city centre park and on the banks of the River Ribble, about 15 minutes walk from Preston train station. The pub next door has a great beer garden, fine selection of real ales and very good food. The events space only holds 200, so don't leave it too late if you want a ticket. There are rooms in the Preston Central Premier Inn for £29 at the moment if you want to stay over.

    Support act will hopefully be confirmed soon.

    Venue webpage:
    Sorry, forgot to announce that the support band in Preston is Manchester band Stranger Son, who played at the Drill mini fest earlier this year. There are still a few tickets left for the show, but I wouldn't leave it until the night to get some if do want to go, it may sell out. If you want a pre-gig meal in the pub you should definitely also book in advance, the kitchen will be very busy.
    This show is now officially sold out. I'm really sorry if you failed to get tickets.
    I know its a Warm Up gig but Cor that was a hot one! Great little venue with excellent sound but somewhat lacking in ventilation and having just come off a US tour I'm not sure the band expected to sweat quite so much in Preston of all places.

    Support band Stranger Son were a revelation, featuring Julie 'Lonelady' Campbell on guitar and keys . I picked up their Luna Marseille LP from the merch stand, and a new LP is in the works I'm reliably informed. Hard to pin down the influences but obscure post punk and Krautrock in there...with a crooning vocalist upfront and songs, often quite slow in tempo, that take their time to unravel (which is brave for a support act) and made me wonder how on earth i missed them first time around. Count me in, I'm a fan.

    Wire played pretty much the set list posted from the earlier US gigs except that 'Down to This' was dropped before Pink Flag.
    Blogging Like Jesus sounded better than the Youtube clip I've seen, not least because that doesn't quite capture the cool Barry Adamson style bass part that Graham plays.
    This, as as we know, isnt a hit packed show and doesnt even capitalise on the success of RBT (bar one song tonight) but The audience on the whole seemed to accept they were going to get mainly newish stuff (apart from the uqbiquitous Mr 12XU and a guy near me who kept singing Field Day for the Sundays) and despite the heat people got into it. Its nice to see people unfamiliar with recent Wire stuff react to it, I heard a guy near me say " this is like a really heavy Brian Eno"...I think that's a reasonable comparison. I heard jaws audibly drop as 'Attractive Space' exploded, and people cheered half way through 'Spent' possibly not realising the song hadn't finished, or perhaps just appreciating the breakdown before it kicks back in.
    I was one of the ones getting a bit sniffy about Boiling Boy a while back, however Matt has added his own stamp on it which lifted the song for me, and its perhaps become one of the Wire pieces that has a life of its own along with Drill and Pink Flag. Overall the band are on ferocious form, If you're seeing Wire at The Beacons festival I think Preston warmed them up nicely.

    P.s. if you go on it suggests that 'Small Electric Piece' is the last track after Pink Flag on some US dates. They certainly do perform an extended noise at the end of PF (for which Robert downs tools and Colin straps on the Mandola) but not sure if it has a name
    Sounds a great night. Looking forward to Manchester and Leeds.
    was a great night, Flying Dutch sounded fantastic and the new "small electric piece" after Pink Flag was typically skewiff n lovely! ;-)
    Wire at the New Continental ... 'Eardrums buzzing on a sweltering Preston night' via
    Seems I wasn't the only one who detected a bit of Barry Adamson in 'Blogging Like Jesus' -in a good way of course.