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    Ran into Graham, Robert, and Matthew having dinner shouted out "dugga" and without missing a beat Graham said, "Drill, drill, drill."

    First half of the show was a bit sluggish tempo wise, but sounded great and I still enjoyed it very much. The second half of the show picked up the pace and locked into more of groove as a band to my mind.

    Unfortunately some dim-wit who had few too many got on a rant about 12XU and tossed a beer at Colin. Not the best showing for Detroit. But hopefully the band realizes that the idiot in question obviously came over from Windsor, Canada.

    Seems like there were two new songs Flying Dutchman and Blogging For Jesus. Overall a very good showing for the first stop on the tour. Not much to speak of swag wise at the merch table. Back catalog and some basic shirts.

    Here's the set-list.

    Looking forward to Cleveland next week.
    "Seems like there were two new songs"

    Oh, that is excellent news. Also, Marooned? What a great track to bring back.
    Any noticeable new interpretations to Drill or Pink Flag? As much as I love Drill, the version they were doing in 2011 wasn't a favourite of mine.
    Pink Flag was about the same, a suitable noisy ending to the show. Drill being the second song in, was more like the "single version" since the dugga elements were very much shorter than some versions i've seen before.
    Marooned? No way!

    "Blogging For Jesus"? That seems like a very un-Wire song title.
    > Pink Flag was about the same, a suitable noisy ending to the show. Drill being the second song in, was more like the "single version" since the dugga elements were very much shorter than some versions i've seen before.

    Cool. Thanks for the report.
    Went to the show last night in Toronto. They played basically the same set list. I love that they brought back Marooned. I enjoyed Flying Dutchman and also thought "Blogging For Jesus" was an odd name for a Wire song.

    At one point some idiot in the crowd kept badgering them with "Do you like Minor Threat?" but the band dealt with it well.

    There was a funny moment when someone, towards the end, jokingly yelled out "Play some new stuff". Graham's response was perfect: "That was very witty". Laughs all around.

    All in all, a very enjoyable show, as always.
    Thanks for the stateside reports chaps, intriguing to say the least. Roll on the Olympic Park Festival, only 2 and a half weeks to go!

    Blogging For Jesus... can't help but be reminded of the Cabaret Voltaire EP, Sluggin' For Jesus. Most likely it's a working title.
    Crowd in Detroit was a very strong showing. The intensity was a straight arrow up throughout the set, and peaked at the two encores. Matt Sims was a standout, btw, adding a lot of color to the material (though Map Ref was a little rusty). Great to hear the concise Drill, Two People, but Boiling Boy was particularly EXPLOSIVE. Will be happy to see them at the end of the tour, and see how it all progresses.
    My understanding is that because of visa issues, the tour almost didn't happen! Thank you Paris.

    And curiously enough the base lighting had more than a passing resemblance to an old fav album of mine:
    Hi Everyone....Posting to say how well the tour's going...thanks to those who've appeared so far!
    To clear up a couple of points...its BLOGGING LIKE JESUS (my mistake writing a setlist under stress,
    secondly the second one has morphed its title in time honoured Wire fashion :FLYING DUTCH.
    Message ends.
    Tonight DC!
    Thanks for the clarification of song titles Graham. See you guys in a couple days in Cleveland!!
    Saw the Toronto show and that was definitely the best form the band has been in of the four Lee's gigs. No drops in intensity at all. Nearly fell over on hearing "Marooned." A very focused "Drill." The two new tunes were v. well executed, although the lyrics to "Blogging Like Jesus" were surprisingly direct by Wire standards.

    I can't say enough about how much Matt Simms has added to the band in terms of both confidence and sonic palette. And hair.

    Pretty terrible turnout. Bear In Heaven, who were very good, played to about 30 people--embarrassing. And 12XU to the youngish twats who started moshing during "Pink Flag" in the middle of a crowd of 40-somethings.
    A friend of mine who liked 80s Wire went to see them in DC on Sunday night:

    "Wire never did play anything I recognized!, but the 'sound' was right & it was an appreciative crowd. I actually danced my way through most of the show.

    I also really liked the opening band, Bear in Heaven. Bear's live show wasn't as 'pretty' as the recorded stuff via their website (not as clean/ crisp), but I still liked them."
    I will second the notion that the crowds have been great. I've seen about 5 Wire shows in the past few years and every time the crowd has been super enthusiastic and focused intently on the show.

    I was up front at the Philly show and got to talking to a few of the older folks who had clearly been fans since the 70's. They were delighted to see that Wire are still extremely relevant to younger age groups.

    The band interactions with hecklers who shout song requests never gets old no matter how many times it happens. It's hard to get a gauge on how much it actually irritates Graham on stage but he always seems to have a snappy come back. I thought about shouting "PLAY BLOGGING LIKE JESUS" after Marooned ended but I was afraid Graham would give me the look of death like he did in 2008 when I shouted for Manscape. Haha. Good times.
    Robert G said: "Pretty terrible turnout. Bear In Heaven, who were very good, played to about 30 people--embarrassing."

    A possible/partial defence is that Toronto had a flash flood a day or two earlier and that night there were warnings of possible further flooding. I couldn't make the trek down from Ottawa this time around—I was really hoping there'd be a Montreal date on the tour, but alas—but given the weather situation in Toronto, I wondered how well attended it'd be.
    Yeeees...except that stretch of Bloor St. was positively hopping.

    Don't make excuses for us Doc. We suck!

    Side note: only one EGL sung tune in the set. I was thinking of requesting "Feed Me" just to annoy Colin.
    Ha! It's the rarest of blue moons where I'll defend Toronto and I can't even get away it this time. :-)