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    Wtf!! Just seen a Sainsburys advert using the original track.

    Wonder what Wire track could be used for an advert?
    Three Girl Rhumba ?
    To biccio... Three girl rhumba to advertise what? Dance classes?
    Boredom was used to say that Sainsbury can help parents with kids if they are bored over the summer holidays
    Re-Invent Your Second Wheel is a perfect track to endorse the Muncie M-22 rock crusher 4-speed transmission. UASU RYLI...mere coincidence??? I think not. Very popular back in the 60's and 70's...A blinkin' Yank showing his age. I'm a ruddy Yank, I say!!
    Life in the Manscape, for package holidays to the Balkans. Watch.Take.Care for dating agencies or therapists. (Okay, that's He Said, not Wire). And The Art of Stopping for funeral homes, obviously.