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    Wire were staggeringly good last night at the Beachland Ballroom. Fantastic, clear mix and perfect volume. Graham in particular seemed in good spirits, joking "Cleveland, it's been 26 years. What the fuck did you do??" He brought up the 26 years again toward the end of the show, and Colin smiled and said, "He doesn't even remember!"

    Very receptive and pretty large crowd, and thankfully no one shouted requests.

    Set list seemed to be the same as their recent gigs (I think I got these in the right order, maybe someone else can correct me if I got it slightly wrong). Personal favorites were Spent and Attractive Space.

    Doubles & Trebles
    Re-Invent Your Second Wheel
    Blogging Like Jesus
    Magic Bullet
    Adore Your Island
    As We Go
    Another The Letter
    Love Bends
    Flying Dutch
    Map Ref.
    Stealth Of A Stork
    Boiling Boy
    Attractive Space

    ENCORE 1
    ENCORE 2
    Down To This
    Pink Flag

    Such a joy to see them again!
    I agree, the Cleveland show was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Big crowd with a very receptive audience. I didn't hear anyone yell requests either. We must be learning! I saw WIRE in Cleveland in 1987 and 1988. Both shows at Peabody's Downunder. That would make it 25 years. No big deal. I'm just glad they came back.

    Thank you WIRE!!!!!

    Cheers and Mahalo,