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    Here's the set for tonight.....

    Adore Your Island
    Magic Bullet
    Blogging Like Jesus
    As We Go
    Love Bends
    Map Ref 93 Degrees West 41 Degrees North
    Stealth Of A Stork
    Boiling Boy
    Pink Flag
    Marooned was majestic - first time I've ever seen Map Ref being performed - a storming set. Six songs missing from their US gigs of late - so the London audience didn't get "Flying Dutch" but we were treated to a solid version of "Blogging For Jesus". The set had to end at 930 due to a strange Olympic Park finale - more of which later - so at the end of Boiling Boy one of the festival organisers told Matt there was 10 minutes left. Comet and Spent were duly played, and at the end of Spent Colin pulled out an 8-string electric ukelele and the band improvised for a few minutes. At the end of the piece Colin said goodnight. Graham exclaimed off mike "WHAT???" He thought they were going to play Pink Flag. Band goes off, crowd chant for more, DJ plays and staff member disconnects Graham's mike. Band returns and Colin says they are allowed another five minutes - Pink Flag is aired and the crowd behind me probably caused an earthquake in the Lea Valley. End of set Colin gives me Matt's set list - which I'll scan over when I can. The Olympic Park finale - the event which Wire effectively knocked half an hour off their latest set for - had banks of crowds lining the banks of the River Lea awaiting the send-off. It was ambient music which sounded like extremely loud wine glasses being played - and the PA announcer - advising that the National Environment Agency had approved this - introduced the most unlikely act that Wire have ever - or will ever - support.....two boats pouring dye into the river to change its colour to lime green! Eh? What the bleedin'ell was that?
    As the Lea Valley was once a site of massive industrial production, with gunpowder mills and small arms factories, ironworks and confectionery makers and noxious chemical plants, that display last night was perhaps an unwitting reference to the fact that there's been plenty of radioactive seepage into the water table since the Olympic Park building work started to churn up the land...
    Damn! I've played ukes and mandolins and I still couldn't tell one from another! Just off to get my dunce's cap.
    A mandolin is a small mandola (like viola & violin) not that I'm an expert of any more than 2 weeks standing :) At some point I'll have a baritone version of my Airline so I'll have a matching family set :)
    I'm now imagining the next Wire album being like this or maybe this. Only with a mandola.
    Well, seeing as Colin was so inspired by his stop in Louisville, KY I'm expecting the next album to have proper jug band vibe :)

    ...........And now ladies and gents, introducing Colin Newman and the Big Time Jug Stompers?
    With Matt on comb and tissue paper?
    And Graham on washtub bass ! Now that'd be a sight for sore eyes...
    Enough of this jugband/skiffle nonesense! ;-)
    Sunday night was a marvelous night thanks to the Wire chaps, the only band that seem to matter, anywhere.
    I skipped the dye in the river business meself. Can't wait for Preston, roll on August the 16th!
    Can only agree with rattlemart (wasn't the way they're playing "Boiling Boy" now absolutely amazing?), although I also quite enjoyed Viv Albertine earlier on.
    Best version of "Boiling Boy" I've heard I think. Viv was great - as were Le Volume Courbe once the nerves had settled - one of the band had trouble finding the place and only arrived five minutes before they were due on.

    As promised - Matt's set list
    Totally agree about Boiling Boy, after seeing various comments elsewhere about this tune should be dropped, it's played out, etc. I thought it was absolutley perfect for the chilled setting and vibe at Olympic Park. Absolutely wonderful evening, thanks Wire!