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    Lewis & Gilbert can be seen interviewed at 03:54 here:

    I wonder if the Wire set was recorded/filmed? If it was, and if it still exists, it'll probably be too expensive to release as part of the official bootleg series, but I was wondering if it has been shown anywhere? Surely this must be the biggest gig, at least biggest non-festival gig, Wire ever has played? Even if they played early in the day. Fun to see Andy McCluskey of OMD revved up to the max, in front of tens of thousands people....
    I've always wondered that. It'd certainly be interesting to see.
    "A concentrated information projection" - is this the gig they played Kidney Bingos & Eardrum Buzz simultaneously ?
    Way too early for that, I imagine. That was Manscape-era, but the Rose Bowl gig would have presumably been part of the set played the following month at The Astoria.

    Also, looking at the Wikipedia article, Pennebaker didn't even capture the entire Depeche Mode gig, and so I doubt there's a great deal of Wire footage around. Still, I wonder if there might be audio—that seems for Depeche Mode at least to have been recorded in rather more complete fashion.
    Later on the evening of June 18th, Wire played at The Scream (i.e. second location at the Park Plaza Hotel...look up photos of the cavernous main hall online) to a surprisingly sparse crowd of maybe 100-125 attendees. I remember Graham walking onstage and saying something to the effect that the earlier gig was merely a rehearsal for what was to come.

    The gigography incorrectly lists The Scream on June 19th. On the 19th Wire played at Club Lingerie only and billed as 'Pink Flag and the Chairs Missing." Despite the secret billing, the show sold out immediately and I missed out. I was bummed until the late addition of the show at The Scream.