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    Now Object 47 is officially out there 'in the wild', reviews are likely to start showing up. Please use this thread to let us know of any Object 47 reviews you happen across. If they're online, please provide a URL (see below for how to do this). If they're print reviews, a scan of the piece would be much appreciated (sent to info AT Note that if you know of a journalist—local or otherwise—who you think should have a copy of the album to review, again send contact information to the email address already mentioned.

    To add a URL on this site, either:

    1. Format your comment as Text and write the entire URL into the body of your message (i.e. http://www.whatever... ). If the URL is really long, please convert it using to avoid breaking the forum.

    2. Format your comment as HTML and use the following code: <a href="http://thereviewurl">Link text for review</a>
    And to get things started:

    Sunday Times review (Mark Edwards)
    QRO magazine (Ted Chase)
    Guardian (Maddy Costa)
    Dusted (Jennifer Kelly)
    BBC (Nick Reynolds)
    Brainwashed (Creaig Dunton)

    Paperthinwalls `(review of One of Us)
    A very good review from Allmusic.
    Here's one from FACT Magazine
    And one from Experimusic which although positive nonetheless has me fuming!!
    Here's the one from Billboard

    (re: Experimusic - Is the fuming because of the "I think Flood produced this" garbage?)
    Flood? Man, that's odd. I think I'll drop them a quick email.
    little online bit from the toronto star....

    Wire, Object 47 (PinkFlag): Wire's late-career renaissance continues unabated with the chilly U.K. art-punks' first full-length since 2003's bristling Send. Object 47 relents a bit on that dour record's full-bore industrial chug – opener "One of Us" is positively bright by Wire standards – but reconfirms the quartet as masters of a singular, caustic breed of swagger on the scornful "Mekon Headman" and the uncommonly funky "Four Long Years." God, I hope I'm this cool when I'm in my 50s.
    "reconfirms the quartet"

    Clearly the cardboard cut-out of Bruce is working wonders! Still, good to see a review that isn't moaning about Bruce having left, and, in this case, not even noticing.
    Quote | Craig Grannell...
    "Still, good to see a review that isn't moaning about Bruce having left, and, in this case, not even noticing. "

    The BBC review actually goes one step further...mistaking Lewis for Gilbert!

    "....Colin Newman and Bruce Gilbert dismantle the technical, managerial vocabulary of what passes for communication these days."

    "Are You Ready? features a lopsided, jolly rhythm over which Gilbert delivers a series of clichés twisted into truths."
    Mm. I notice 'Wire' (presumably Colin) left a comment about that. I also got an email back from the website that had the 'Flood as producer' comment—apparently, that's being looked into and the review might be edited.
    Reax Music Magazine had this to say...(4/5 Stars)

    Object 47

    2008 » Fat Possum

    posted Tue Jul 08th, 2008 by admin
    As seminal as Wire is, the band refuses to coast on its well-deserved legacy as one of rock's most musically innovative and lyrically profound outfits. Object 47 is the first Wire album in four years but rather than sounding over-cooked, it instead showcases all the band's strengths, from the propulsive, infectious opener "One of Us," to the dark, pulsing syncopations of "Hard Currency" to the driving pop of "Perplex Icon" the band sounds engaged and genuinely inspired, typified by singer/guitarist Colin Ne wman, whose subtle vocals are infused with conviction. Bassist and vocalist Graham Lewis writes most of the lyrics, which touch on communication breakdown, societal disintegration, insanity and apocalypse - topics relevant to all times, but especially timely now. On the album's opener Newman asks, "What happened to our plan/The one that we began?/Are you an also-ran?/Finished? Inconsequential?" As that question applies to Wire, the answer would be a resounding no.- Robert Mortellaro
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 9th 2008)
    "apparently, that's being looked into..."

    haha--how exactly are they proposing to "look into" a piece of complete fiction by the reviewer?
    looks like the pitchfork review drove alot of hits to the Wire "myspace"
    Pitchfork loves giving albums a "7" score
    There's a workmanlike 3 star review in today's Independant. Don't know if it's online
    The Gaurdian released a second review yesterday that was very positive. Completely opposite of last weeks review.
    I'm just imagining Mike Barnes and Maddy Costa having a huge fight in the Guardian/Observer offices now.
    Links to reviews mentioned:

    Toronto Star
    Here is our review...

    Prefix [9.0 out of 10.0]

    Comments welcome and appreciated.
    Also check this: Metacritic the latest Buzz site..