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    So many great reviews (and a few not so great). But the most important thing is how we as fans and individuals assess Object 47. The critics have already moved on to their next pile of promo copies, but I hope a few of them who have raved about Object 47 remember to include it in their best-of-2008 lists at the end of the year. Q magazine gave Object 47 a four star review, but - just wait - i BET IT won't make it into the annual awards ... unlike Coldplay, REM et al ie the big hitters who help flog their mag on the newstands.
    Seems like The Wire aren't too enamoured of the Wire album:

    "For all that Wire or Gang Of Four were ahead of the curve the first time round, it feels like the recent reactivations of both groups are behind it, with the sudden explosion of interest in post-punk cooling off in the last year or so. Object 47 (so named because it's the 47th item in the Wire discography) is particularly baffling, with a sound and feel reminiscent not of 2012, nor even 2008, but middle of the road 90s indie. It makes you question their brilliant trio of Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154. Did they really take the basic building blocks of rock and reassemble them in subtly unfamiliar ways, using skewed melody, Situationist humour, punk energy ? There are glimmers of these albums here: covert turns from abrasion into pop song; the odd textural twist.

    But texture is a real problem on Object 47. Newman's distorted guitars don't sound incisive or buzzsaw, just mushy and indistinct. Filtered and processed they start to sound like mid-90s musical cul de sac Garbage. Robert Grey's drums settle into a bland punk-pop briskness, a groove so well worn, they disappear into anonymity, almost inaudibility, before your very ears. "Patient Flees" feels briefly like a slow burning fuse - but then it fails to go off. Instead it veers into a peculiar litany - Inspiration/intoxication/provocation/subjugation/discrimination/motivation - delivered in a seesaw leer, which a friend of mine likened to something Peep Show's Super Hans might write. Perhaps most frustrating is the sense of listening to a group convinced of its own edginess; by the closing track on Object 47, "All Fours", Wire have rehearsed plenty of old poses, but engaged with few new ideas."

    Review by Sam Davies
    Pshaw, the Wire. I've always considered it an aberration when we get good reviews in that mag:) I'm sure the reviewer took great delight at having a pop at us. They give you a review like that and then send you an e.mail to ask for 350 quid to get on their compilation!

    Meanwhile there's a very nice review at incendiary mag.

    By the way Stephen, very astute observation. It will all unfortunately be about who takes advertising space.
    Another thing about that review that pisses me off was it wasn't even in the right section of magazine, it was in re-issues! NOT new releases.
    Top quality journalism and editing from The Wire, there.
    For the record the review in The Wire was in the right place - alphabetically in the new releases. It was just on the page opposite the usual one-page 'The Boomerang' new reissues page.
    Tricky on the copver though - there's a man whose 'publicity dept' is earning its corn. He's everywhere! Not quite as uniquitous as Plant/Krauss were (for cryin' out loud) but even so...
    "Mojo" has given Object 47 a two star rating from Jim Wirth, commenting on a lack of Inspiration going beyond
    it,s 'Will-this-do' title!! Also saying the Album is 'neither sparky or weird enough'
    What do you expect from a magazine that has yet ANOTHER Beatles front cover and Beatles cover free cd on board!
    The Beatles are really 'now' and contemporary, what with their new album, don't ya know?

    No, wait.
    It does elsewhere in Mojo say, of "One of Us"

    "Not, alas, an Abba cover, But nothing else dissapoints. Graham's bellicose bass grind! Robert's snare-drum brusquerie! Colin's gnomic guitar and sinister vocal! Even without Bruce Gilbert, this is definitive Wire pop brilliance"

    4 star review in Uncut too. And Q magazine.
    This months Record Collector has given it 3 stars.

    Nice RC review of R&B3 here btw...
    Rob Hughes - standing in for Marc Riley on his 6Music show on Thurs (July 31) commented about that sniffy Mojo review of Object 47. He questioned whether the reviewer had actually listened to the same CD as the rest of us, then suggestted if you like late-80s Wire then you'd love O47, before going on to play One Of Us.