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    Has the Kennedy session been aired, and if so, what was played?
    • CommentAuthorSlim says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 17th 2013 edited)
    I looks like we've missed it and it doesn't appear on the "listen Again" list either, it appears the session was spread over the week 5th to 8th.

    They played Marooned, Love Bends, Comet & Adore Your Island.

    In a word, Bugger!
    I'm sure it'll turn up. One for the bootleg series..or perhaps for the b-side of an imaginary 12" single from CBU or perhaps bonus tracks on Read & Burn #4
    It would be good to see the release of the more recent sessions with Marc Riley, and also the Kennedy tracks.
    With Wire set to record a new session for Marc, it would be great to see them take the approach that they used with Peel; airing tracks that are in progress. Perhaps the "live" session approach makes this difficult?
    A further question, and one for HQ, is whether Wire have dispensed with the single format?