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    1. The Void
    2. The Expanse
    3. Dry Land
    4. Lights
    5. Creatures of Sea and Air
    6. Beasts of the Earth
    7. Rest/Reflection
    iTunes has it available for early September and much cheaper (if you don't care about having a physical copy).
    I purchased it from Touch as I like physical product, but also enjoyed being able to immediately download it. Remarkably different from what I was expecting. Not so harsh with considerable environmental field recordings thrown into the mix. While no rhythms are present, it is musical and sounds like what it is supposed to be: an allusion to the seven days of creation... a concept album. On my second listen and am finding it be perhaps Gilbert's most intelligent release ever. Remarkable, full, long (9-13 minute) soundscapes and nothing like any of his previous works. It is a collaboration and I gather the field recording aspects of it are attributable to BAW (Beaconsfield ArtWorks) while Gilbert scored it. In that regard, it reminds me of his soundtrack work for Downriver, only better. In fact this is so good, it is probably his best work to date. I really like the logic of it... each immense track evolves into the next (although there are distinct track separations). Quoting from the liner notes: "Taking rising sea levels as its them, Diluvial imagines the world before, during and after the next great flood, referring to an ancient, ex nihilo interpretation of global warming."
    Thanks for your assessment. I'm quite looking forward to hearing it myself now (one never knows whether there's another In Esse lying in wait).
    CD launch at Beaconsfield on the 13th of September.
    Okay, I've listened to Diluvial a few times over the past week and lean to specotron's opinion. Certainly contrary to BG's noise leanings, but rather more sweeping and enveloping, even soothing drones, with more odd noises dropped in here and there. There is obvious structure to the pieces, an obvious building to something. It can function as both a background atmosphere to other tasks but works much better as something to close your eyes and absorb, to let flood over you (pun intended). Certainly one of the better BG releases.
    Following their collaboration on Diluvial, Bruce and BAW recently launched a new project on standing stones and electromagnetic waves.
    backing it will give a priority access to new work (if successfully funded) in mp3 download OR first pressed LPs, and his rare CDs (signed)..