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    I am not sure if this has been posted before, but here is a link to a WFMU blog with a CN outtake from the 'Not To' sessions (plus an interview from the same period). It came originally from an Australian cassette magazine. Does anyone know whether it has appeared anywhere else?
    It's the vocal version of Fish 5 from The Singing Fish. It was on the Mini-CD "CN1", which was included in the first couple of thousands copies of the Singing Fish / Not To CD in 1988.
    Great! Thanks a lot.
    I really like CN1. Back in the day, it took years of scouring eBay to find a copy (and even then, the one I got wasn't exactly in great nick). These days, you can just get the entire thing from iTunes.
    CN1 was the source of a good friendship for me. This was about ten years ago. I'd long been hunting for it and found a copy on eBay, but the bidding was already at atmospheric levels. So I contacted the seller to see whether he'd sell me a cd-r copy. Instead, he offered one for free, which led to the friendship. It was somewhat bookended this year when I bought him a copy of the double vinyl CBU. Moral of the story: Wire fans are decent people.
    I still have most of the 80's solo albums on vinyl -- I started listening to Wire after 'Chairs Missing'. Locating them in record stores was quite a feat -- but it was worth the effort. I am afraid that now this thrill is gone as everything becomes rather easy to get.
    Melodica ! Sounds like Jon King might've snuck in…

    Love the instrumental version of this. One of the stronger Fish tracks.
    eBay alert:

    ...Fish/Not To + CN1 is up on eBay at the moment if anyone wants to try their luck.
    I bought Not To / Provisionally Entitled... on CD about 5 years ago from Amazon as it was advertised with CN1. I thought it unlikely, and sure enough, all I got was the standard CD. Amazon apologised and offered a refund which I didn't take up.

    A couple of months back, I looked into my amazon-player, where they deposit mp3s of all the albums you buy through them, looking for something I'd bought and couldn't track down in my downloads, and lo and behold, all the CN1 tracks were there. Major bonus as I'd not heard them before.
    @ 7jlong: Judging by the photos the seller appears to have torn up CN1's cardboard sleeve to fit it in a jewel box. That won't do its value any good. "Case and artwork in very good condition with the ep artwork not perfect". Yeah, torn in two is not exactly perfect, no.
    Well, no, it isn't the ideal copy (as it were) but if I hadn't already found one in good shape I'd be keeping an eye on it. This set is getting scarcer and scarcer...
    There's three on sale at but they're all a little pricey.....
    @ leefact25 Wow, $100, that's pretty steep. I'll have to put my copy in a bank vault if it goes on like this. :)