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    And next week I launch my new record label 'Warner Brothers'....
    Sounds good tortoised. Can I send you a demo by new band? They're called The Beatles.

    I could sort of understand it if was just some little kid putting his dance tracks on Bandcamp but they've even gone to the trouble of pressing some "Wire" 12" singles. How hard is it to Google the name of your band before you start immortalising it on Vinyl?.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done a double-take when Googling and seeing an album called "Wire" by a Christian rock band called Third Day.
    Reminds me of the occasion, around the time of R&B01, or thereabouts, that an album release by "Wire" called High Time was out, which Wire were at pains to point out was not theirs. Turned out to be some cod reggae nonsense I think.
    In the pre Internet days, and before I got hold of Kevin's wonderful complete discography, I bought a vinyl album by C Newman and Janet Smith from Virgin Records in Birmingham, around 1986. Fooled by the fact that Virgin had put it amongst Colin's other albums and the thought I had found another rare gem I gladly parted with my £6.99. On getting home and listening it soon became apparent that the C Newman on the cover was certainly not Colin from Wire, but another English musician called Chris Newman. I decided to keep it anyway and it still resides amongst the other Wire solo stuff in my collection even if it rarely sees the light of day these days.
    I can say for certain that the C.Newman album never appeared in any discography of mine.
    I do remember seeing it someone elses way back when and knowing it was wrong.
    Kevin, the reference to the discography was only to confirm my suspicion that the album wasn't by Colin, a fact backed up by it's non-appeareance in the discography section of Everbody Loves A History which was printed a few years after my original purchase.