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    Wire return with their second Marc Riley session of the year on Monday 16th September.
    I guess that Marooned might make an appearance, perhaps Eels would be great if they could air some of the new material: I understand that Wire are more businesslike and will not want to lose the opportunity to push CBU, but I would like a return to a more risky approach to sessions.
    Should say new material, sorry.
    One quarter of Wire is getting in there early tonight on Marc Riley.
    Bloody brilliant. 23 Years Too Late, wonderful.
    If anyone here listens regularly (I admit I don't) can they flag up when Gideon Coe will play the 5th track from the session? I had the Gideon show on last night and it wasn't played.
    just 'replayed' it, but i didn't hear 23 years!!!! Wha'pen?
    it's around 55 minutes in
    Excellent on 6Music last night. Sets me up nicely for King Tut's this evening.
    If it's any help.....

    Interview/SWALLOW/Interview - (16.51 - 23:36)
    Interview/ANOTHER THE LETTER/Interview/23 YEARS TOO LATE/Interview - (47:39 - 1:03:17)
    Interview/ATTRACTIVE SPACE/Interview (1:20:06 - 1:24:53)
    Last track, "Adore Your Island", 2 hours 50 minutes into Gideon Coe's show:
    Cheers - missed that because it never came up on his tracklist
    it seems i must've listened to a previous session! not my fault there's no dates on 'em!!!! having finally heard it, yes 23 Years was rather good, to say the least.
    Great stuff that..interesting they are looking to the longer term too...2017 and all that.
    Great stuff. Not really all that fond of "Swallow" to be honest. It sounds a bit too much like Clay and overall seems kind of under developed. Loved the other two new tunes though.
    thanks for the session Dr. Medulla!
    Excellent session. Much better than the last Riley appearance in my opinion - and now sectioned off into a single chunk on the BBC website, for our convenience.
    Brudenell Social Club this evening. Currently pissing it down here in Leeds, but looking forward to this immensely. I really hope Lewis the Keyboards is present for this one
    The chunk doesn't include "Adore Your island"
    No but with AnotherMrNewman's link above you can just drag straight across to 2hrs50 for AYI
    Love the cheeky 'Dot Dash' outro at the end of '23 Years Too Late' nice work Wire chaps ;-)