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    ...I had the book up until about 6 years ago when my music room had a bit
    of flooding and that was one of the only things (that I cared about) that was

    Might anyone know if there might be a reprinting in the future?
    i've been trying to track this down since i joined PF forum - 1st i'd heard of it. clearly it's out of print & Amazon are selling it at £30 a pop; an ebay copy ewent for about £20. i've even contacted the publishers (SAF) twice and had NO REPLY - which is pretty disgusting really!

    needless to say, i'd like a copy, but i'm not gonna pay stupid money! Perhaps PE/Greedbag can track some down & flog 'em to us!?!?!?!?
    "an ebay copy ewent for about £20"

    I guess the chap on here who grabbed my spare for somewhat less than that is now a happy bunny, then! I wonder whether Kevin or SAF have the rights for the book. Either way, would be the obvious choice for a 'reprint' of sorts, not least with the book being entirely greyscale, bar the cover.
    ...readers discount, eh?

    well, the cheapest i can find at the moment is a few around $42 on amazon US.
    well if it is reprinted p'raps Kevin could bring it up to date, now that'd be a task (and a half)
    Just to let you know there are in fact 2 (count 'em) Wire books set for availability later his year. Wilson Neate's "treatise" on "Pink Flag" is set for a "release" (can you say that about books??) in Continuum's 33 1/3 series and Paul Lester (once of the Melody Maker & later Uncut) tells us he's been commissioned to write a history of Wire. We are supposed to be being interviewed for it this summer for a "later in the year" availability.
    Is it not somewhat irksome for the group that the interviews will mainly focus on music & events in the life of Wire that happened 30 years ago ?
    The album Object 47 has really grown on me. It's a really very contemporary sound.
    A much more clearly defined sound than the acts that have been appearing on the T in the Park festival that has been given blanket coverage on the BBC's red botton interactive service all week.
    I've started now to listen to this Wire album as a kind of year zero project, rather than a continuation, & i'd like to know more about the latest incarnation of the group rather than dwell on events from 1977/78/79.
    Have any interviews taken place with Mojo or Uncut in support of Object 47 ?
    A Continuum 33 1/3 installment for Pink Flag sounds like an inevitable purchase. I have the 33 1/3 book for Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures that, while not extraordinarily substantial, does serve as a good sofa read while listening to the album itself.

    I found a cheap copy of Everybody Loves A History a few years ago, but can't remember exactly where I purchased it from. I might have simply found a good condition copy from one of the used dealers listed on Amazon. Of course, my acquisition of the book happened shortly before the "post-punk revival" of sorts that's been going on the past few years and that may have spurred the renewed fascination for Wire. It's a fun, informative read that has helped me understand some of the song lyrics that I was previously unable to grasp with my caveman intellect.
    I've read about 6 33 1/3 books and I haven't found a single one to be at all useful. They read to me like extremely long winded and tedious book length album reviews.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 21st 2008)
    agreed on the 33 1/3s. They seemed like a nice idea when they first appeared, but with the flood of them now they appear just to be cash cows for an otherwise mostly scholarly press.

    an updated Everybody Love a History would be the most attractive item, I'd say... it's a great book!
    I second cc, I think that Kevin's book is fabulous, one of the best band history books written, period.
    Less waffle, more well edited interviews, covers what the fans really want to know in terms of the
    music, peppered with a good amount of absurdist humour in the writing which is entirely appropriate.
    It's worth remembering that with the ISBN typed into Google, you can often find a book you are looking for that doesn't appear on the more well known sites.

    I bought my Kevin's book in Birmingham in 1998 and it's a prized posession.

    As to Object 47, it's bloomin' brilliant!
    Maybe also worth trying are;

    - or -

    I managed to pick up an almost mint used copy for $14 a wee while back from Powells.................

    PT Kirk >>>Akatombo<<<
    I would like it!
    I have a copy. I worked at a bookstore in NYC where they had a bunch.
    I would definitely recommend "Everybody Loves A History" if you can get hold of it. It is especially useful for putting mzui, Duet Emmo and the other side projects in perspective.

    If there was to be an updated version, including what has happened since 1990, I would not hesitate to buy it again.

    I somehow doubt the new books will be as informative and well-written as "...History", but I'd be pleasantly surprised if they turned out to be.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 3rd 2008 edited)
    thanks, but i reckon i'll wait till i find a copy left behind on a train at those prices?!?!?!?!
    Great book. It contains so many fascinating stories about how Wire's material was written, and I still refer back to it when I'm listening to the '70s and '80s albums. So many rock books fall short (in my opinion) because they focus on groupies, drugs, and other assorted bullshit instead of the music...but "Everybody Loves a History" couldn't have been better.