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    Wouldn't it be simpler and cheaper to re-release it as an electronic book? Wouldn't think it would cost all that much to digitize the material, if anything at all...
    Sometimes the 'juicier' ones are good though, James Young's account of Nico's final years (Songs they never play on the radio) is extraordinarily grim but also very funny...a lot more fun than listening to the music.

    Would be interesting to see how Paul Lester's Wirebook measures up to K Eden.
    I don't think there is much in the way of 'Hammer of the Gods'-style excess to spice up his version (Or is there? Its always the quiet should read the Spacemen 3 biog, they were a right rum lot by all accounts)

    I think to make a new Wire book a commercial proposition its got to be more a reference work, sort of WireOPedia. The full Beatles Anthology-treatment, with all the cover art, loads of pics, lyrics, unseen stuff from the archives, essays or artwork from friends of the band that sort of thing. Maybe a diary-style account of all the recording sessions, live tours, radio sessions etc. included Dome and all the solo stuff.
    Thanks to all for the comments and praise. Very much appreciated.

    I would dearly love to update, amend, correct and genearlly bring the Wire story up to date. A lot was missed from the book e.g. interviews with Mike Thorne, Paul Kendall, Desmond Simmons etc. that subsequently appeared in the WMO newsletters.

    Both full co-operation from Wire (and Bruce) would need to be obatined, a publisher to take this on board (SAF seem unwilling to offer this) and the time off from my full time employment to give to a project of this scale.

    The book ended on 1991, so there is another 17 years worth of history to deal with as well as go back and tidy up the various loose ends etc that I mention above.

    Thank you all again for the kind words and I wish Mr Lester the best of luck.
    I don't think Paul Lester's book (in the 33 1/3 series) is anything other than an extended review of Pink Flag!

    It's Wilson Neate that's done the Pink Flag book, out in October I think. Extremely well researched, but, sadly a lot of material had to be excised owing to the paltry wordcount of the 33 1/3 series.

    I fail to see how Mr. Lester can write a book on Wire, to be published later this year, and he hasn't even interviewed the band yet !? And what about all the other many and various figures that are part of Wire's history - has he interviewed them yet ? Surely the only way to do it is to really go the distance, be really thorough, interview absolutely everyone, get as broad and varied (and satisfying for the readers) a perspective as possible.

    I'm currently reading David Sheppard's excellent biography of Brian Eno, 'On Some Faraway Beach', and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. This man has the right approach, he's really gone the distance, and it makes for a compelling and satisfying read, packed with fascinating details, references, anecdotes etc., and some very good critical analysis, all written in a highly articulate, intelligent and witty way. And it's no hagiography either. Unlike one I read many years ago, called something like 'Brian Eno and the vertical colour of sound' or some such. Really dry and academic. Sheppard has, to quote the many quotes of a certain Mr. Newman, 'rescue(d) Eno from the Eno nerds' .

    So come on, if someone is going to do a history of Wire, do the lads justice ! Their history is a fascinating, difficult and many tentacled thing !
    Perhaps it's time for Colin to put pen to paper himself!
    That's exactly what i was thinking. Or any of the other band members.

    An insiders eye view of Wire..? Although interestingly i don't think it would be a typical rock auto-biog.

    But then what is a typical rock auto-biog..? Early days/ Success & Acclaim/ The Booze, The Birds, The Bust-ups, The Drugs.
    Apart from the bust-ups, not much of any of that in a Wire biog, methinks. But i could be wildly wrong.

    I've just finished Alex James A Bit of a Blur. I really don't know why i bothered. Crap.
    But no ! Must be written by a third party. Objectivity and all that...
    The Eno book is a good read. Lots of contributions from Colin, and Wire/Lewis/Gilbert collaborator Russell Mills.

    I didn't know U2 attempted to woo Colin Newman for the producers job on The Unforgettable Fire....interesting! It does of course feature a track called 'Wire' which borrows a chord progression from 'The 15th'....
    Even more interesting is the idea of Eno producing Wire:

    "There was talk of Wire working with Brian at the turn of the '80s. I was against it for one reason - I didn't want what happened to Talking Heads to happen to us. Although working with Brian I might well have been the David Byrne character and it would be the others who felt they'd been sacked."

    An Eno produced studio version of D&E might've been interesting, perhaps favouring the nascent Dome tendencies of a certain camp...

    Eno Sang Lino !!
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 25th 2008)
    "An Eno produced studio version of D&E might've been interesting, perhaps favouring the nascent Dome tendencies of a certain camp..."

    yeah, but Eno's music is actually listenable! including his ambient stuff... seriously, I think there would have been very different aims involved.
    I wouldn't have described Dome as unlistenable... far from it. But we can only speculate, perhaps pointlessly, as to the outcome of Eno's involvement. Thinking more about it, he probably would've welded the melodic side of the band with the more exploratory noises in interesting ways, not unlike what he did on Fear Of Music...
    Not wishing to disturb this thread of knowledgeable revisionism but...any one interested in what a Brian Eno contribution to a "wire associated project" might sound should listen to "I Fall Into Your Arms" on the He Said debut album "Hail", Brian Eno is credited with DX7 (if your able to identify these sounds apply for the new "Eno Expert" T-shirt...incidently the start up for the He Said project was financed by Opal Publishing (Eno's company) after Anthea Norman-Taylor (the now Mrs. Eno) saw early Xerox work of mine and heard an 8 Tx version of "Only One I".
    Hello from hot & humid Hiroshima! (Such alliteration & it's not yet 9.40 am............woe is me - "I'll get me' coat..." :-)

    There's a copy of "Everybody loves a History" listed NOW on e-Bay @ a very LOW price. Search using the following parameters; WIRE - Category MUSIC. Location - Worldwide.

    Happy hunting!
    It is a hunt and all... WIRE category MUSIC location Worldwide.

    This search criteria brings up 66 pages of product, mostly unrelated to the group Wire. I've just trawled through 26 of them, i'll do the other 40 tomorrow.

    May i ask you a favour..? Could you post the eBay item number that'll bring it straight up..?

    In my eBay favourite searches i have Wire Everybody loves a History book. I'm supposed to get an email each time one comes up for sale. But as yet, alas, nothing.
    Might be this? 310081389926
    Yes, i think that's it. $40 is hardly a very LOW price but i guess the fact that its so rare & hard to get hold of drives up prices.
    Delivery seems to be the US & Canada. I think i'll pass on this one.
    Yes, the book is a very useful guide to Wire's output and it has a real personal touch that is missing in the usual cut 'n' paste-Alan Clayson-type tome. However, there is an omission in the gig list at the end. Sometime in 1978 (I really can't remember when exactly), I saw Wire play in a pub on Stoke Newington High Street (again, name of said pub is lost in my memory - it probably doesn't exist now anyway). The venue was notable for one of the locals - an old geezer - who had a party trick of walking around the place with a full pint of beer balanced on the top of his head. Shortly afterwards I met Colin and Bruce and they said they remembered that impromptu floor-show very well.

    Incidentally, the pint remained unspilled until the bloke decided that he wanted to drink it. You wouldn't anyone catch doing that at the Scala at four pounds a pint!
    & they're not posting 2 Blighty!!!
    They will post to the UK for $13 for anyone who is thinking of buying.
    Just had an E-mail from the guy who is selliing the book.