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    I just was reading the book this week.
    Regarding my comment above about missing gigs from the list in Kevin Eden's book - of course, three gigs at Stoke Newington's Rochester Castle are listed in the gig archive on this here very website and if they are mentioned in Kevin's book, my apologies.
    The Italian Wire lyric book (w/ additional CD) - "Exploded Views" is up for sale on eBay U.S. The seller will ship worldwide for about $10.
    The eBay item number is : 220282126070
    Hope this is of some use to someone.
    Those 33 and a third books are hilarious!
    Anyone read the semi-literate pretentious crap some idiot wrote about Sonic Youth / Daydream Nation?
    And as for the pathetic Replacements one... don't start me off!

    The MBV one was entertaining, then again Chemical Imbalance was always a good read
    and credit to the one about the first VU album, I was amazed that I actually gleaned a few facts I didn't already know!

    Someone should write one about Pandemonium by Killing Joke, that'd be a right old laugh!

    "I didn't know U2 attempted to woo Colin Newman for the producers job on The Unforgettable Fire....interesting! It does of course feature a track called 'Wire' which borrows a chord progression from 'The 15th'...."

    Never noticed that similarity and I had that U2 on a free single from the eNMEy
    As for U2 I detest them and their putrid lies about Bush saving Africa.
    Bono has a good few tax dodges on the go I reckon!
    Maybe Colin should sew the messianic pillock?

    But will there be snow in Africe this Xmas?
    Sorry I meant WIRE should sue U2 for their royalties.
    They have more in the coffers than that smackable bint form Elastica.
    I have a copy going if anybody's interested.

    Whisper me!
    Me too.
    "R Swimmer says... (CommentTimeAug 11th 2008 edited)
    Sometimes the 'juicier' ones are good though, James Young's account of Nico's final years (Songs they never play on the radio) is extraordinarily grim but also very funny...a lot more fun than listening to the music.

    Would be interesting to see how Paul Lester's Wirebook measures up to K Eden.
    I don't think there is much in the way of 'Hammer of the Gods'-style excess to spice up his version (Or is there? Its always the quiet should read the Spacemen 3 biog, they were a right rum lot by all accounts)"

    It's interesting you use the Spacemen 3 book as a reference point. I know a couple of the characters in that story and have a slightly different perspective on things. While I found the book easy to read, weel research and done with the best of intension it was slightly nieve and I think the writer was expecting things to be a lot more romantic in a quant Warwickshire Market town kind of way. PS Spacemen 3 were never quiet!!!

    I still find Kevin's book a very useful point of reference and while I can't say I've re-read it from cover to cover recently, the way he's constructed it it's easy to drop in and out of at specific points. I used it to try and work out where the recently reissued MZUI recordings on LTM fell into the scheme of things and only Kevin's book is capable of doing that and slightly less stalker-ish that sending Mr Lewis a personal message about some pointless bit of trivia only complete norbert anoraks like me would ask.

    17 years on it's still a big thanks to Me Eden from me.
    No what I meant was that Spacemen 3 had the image, much like Wire, of being rather serious and private folk (albeit with S3 this may have been partly due to their fondness for, ahem, chemistry) and not wild, excessive rock & rollers. Of course S3 were, but all out of the spotlight.
    Many thanks for the kind words Slim and to everyone else who has also proferred their's too. I think the big difference between my book and Paul's was simply that we had a different agenda both in terms of what we set out to do and what we wanted to see in the final publication.
    All dates and facts in ELAH are correct and were checked and verified before publication. Granted there are ommissions and certainly some oversights but mine pail compared to Lester's 'Letdown'.
    Well, a little more than 3 years later and I have a replacement copy winging it's way to me as I type for $20 including shipping. My original query has finally been answered!
    Isn't it time that this is updated?
    It is time it was I said in 2008:
    Both full co-operation from Wire (and Bruce) would need to be obtained, a publisher to take this on board (SAF seem unwilling to offer this) and the time off from my full time employment to give to a project of this scale.
    The former two I do not have and the latter I have in limited supply to justify wanting to make a start on it. Unless a rich benefactor wants to pay my mortgage and feed me whilst I make a stab at it....