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    The gig tonight was being recorded for John Kennedy's XFM show. Support act - and they'll be the support throught the tour - a Japanese improv trio called Xaviers. All have absurdly long hair - drummer, analog synth and effects, wild guitar and effects. Sometimes mesmerising, sometimes not. 45 minutes - one continuous jam that did mutate a fair bit. Apparently they are recording all their sets during the tour and putting each on soundcloud for 24 hours only.

    21 songs from Wire tonight - with the return of Tim "Thighpaulsandra" Lewis on keyboards! Didn't get the set list so I can't remember the lot offhand - but I do know that according to the list and Graham's introduction, "Blogging Like Jesus" is now just "Blogging", "Flying Dutch" was introduced by Colin saying that it probably wouldn't keep it's title - leading to suggestions from Graham - "Walking Belgians" - and the audience - "Wandering Walloons" and "Stupid Americans". Also.....a brand new song that Colin said he'd only written three days ago - it wasn't introduced but on the setlist it's known as "Swallow Corn".

    The beginning of "Re-Invent" was a little wobbly - our forum friend no brainer informed me that the sound was better at the front than the back - good for me - I was front centre - but outside of that the gig was magnificent - with a blinding version of Map Ref being the highlight for me.

    I had a brief word with Matt afterwards - he confirmed that Tim Lewis will be playing at some of the other UK gigs - but he wasn't sure which.....
    You're not wrong about Map Ref. I had to go the little boys room and came back to that ??!! Thought Comet & Spent were also superb but absolutely loved Blogging. Lee, you have the patience of a saint regarding that idiot bouncing about behind you.
    Tonight's set list - looking at the list of songs they played at the Bowery Ballroom in July it was similar tonight - save for the dropping of "Down To This" and the introduction of "Swallow Corn" and a welcome return for "Please Take".

    Marooned/Drill/Doubles & Trebles/Re-Invent Your Second Wheel/Blogging/Magic Bullet/Smash/Adore Your Island/As We Go/Please Take/Another The Letter/Swallow Corn/Love Bends/Flying Dutch/Map Ref/Stealth Of A Stork/Attractive Space/Boiling Boy

    Encore: Comet/Spent/Pink Flag (and yes the mandola came out again along with one of those pocket synths that look like a credit card (played by Graham) )
    Hiya - if you mean the guy in the glasses he actually apologised to me believe it or not! Just as well it was only pink flag where I got bumped.
    I thought Graham was playing a computer game on that gizmo. Another fine evening of musical interludes in the company of friends. Its what living is all about.
    Can you play there every week? Haven't been to the Barfly for ages, I'd forgotten what a great venue it is. Band of top form and a great set. I know Rob's a bit of a metronome but I think he excelled last night on the ridiculously fast songs, Comet etc. Can't remember the last time I had so much fun for £15. Roll on the next one and some more new songs.
    Xaviers - turns out two of the band are also in Bo Ningen. So there you go.
    That's weird, I saw two Japanese guys watching from the back and said to my mate 'they look like Bo Ningen members' and he said ' no, that one was in the support band earlier'...
    Loved this gig...I was struck by how Tim had eyes all over Colin throughout. I guess he was looking for those cues mentioned in WN's R&B. A great fast Smash and the 'Changes' tracks sounded much like the Oxfordshire village....Brill.
    But I missed Xaviers. As I came in, people 'looking' like Bo Ningen walked past.
    I'll be bloody well getting there early enough at Wolverhampton though (a gig I can only make because I'm at a 3 day conference in Birmingham - isn't it great when things come together like that!)
    3rd Wire gig this year for me and another Corker. So, any idea when this will be broadcast? Presumably streaming only, anyone more techno savvy than me know how to rip an audio stream?!

    Band sounds super tight on the Barfly Recording that I heard. "Blogging" or whatever the hell it's called these days is probably my favorite Wire song since Send.
    Part one of the XFM recording was aired on September 24th -

    Doesn't seem to be available as a podcast :(
    Doesn't seem to be available as a podcast :(

    Actually I was hoping a friend of mine who lives in London would record this off the XFM FM radio station (better sound quality than either their DAB/Digital radio transmissions or their webcasts), but unfortunately, due to the fact that the broadcast of the first part was not announced in advance (i.e. before the relevant edition of the John Kennedy xPosure programme containing it had started), he failed to program his recorder to do it and so missed it. However, I managed to grab the web stream of the podcast of that John Kennedy xPosure show from 24th September (with no conversion, i.e. the raw original AAC file), and edited it down to just the part 1 of the Wire Camden Barfly 12/09/2013 performance (plus XFM intro/jingle and DJ outro).

    I have uploaded it on a filesharing site for anybody that wants it, here :-

    Setlist (so far - for part 1 only) :-

    00:00 XFM Xposure Jingle
    00:03 John Kennedy & Band Intros
    01:20 Marooned
    03:56 Drill
    08:14 Doubles & Troubles
    12:47 Re-invent Your 2nd Wheel
    16:16 Blogging
    20:18 Magic Bullet
    24:14 Smash
    27:55 Adore Your Island
    31:07 DJ (John Kennedy)

    John Kennedy says that he will be broadcasting the rest of the show "later", whatever that means (still waiting for more, might not happen until the end of the year going by the way that some of the other "xPosure live" shows have been broadcast in the recent past).

    If you want to convert the original .aac file to wav (pcm), it's quite easy to do using ffMPEG, but on the other hand you'll need to be comfortable with using the command line to do it that way :-

    ffmpeg -i Wire_2013-09-12_Camden_Barfly_Xposure_XFM__part1.aac output.wav

    should work assuming that the ffmpeg executable application file is in the same folder as the source .aac audio file

    P.S. :-
    For anyone with a DIME account, some info about the bit rate (quite low as can probably be guessed from the file size) and other technical info of the original web stream .aac audio file can be viewed in my last comment on this page :-
    Thanks for the download, much appreciated !
    thanks chrispoor!