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    Enjoyable show last night in Leicester. Their first in the City since 1978 according to Colin. Set list the same as the Barfly with the only discernable difference being a name change for the new songs in the set, with Blogging now being called "Nocturnal Koreans" Swallow Corn has been abbreviated to "Swallow" and Flying Dutch is now "Harpooned". Not being familiar with these songs I could be completely wrong and they may well be totally new additions to the set. I stand to be corrected on that. My favourite of the new numbers was Nocturnal Koreans which is a choppy quirky number, the like of which Wire excel at. The other two were more noisy shoegazing affairs in the vein of MBV. Not a lot of banter with the sell out crowd (220) apart from the usual sarcasm for song requests (Too late and Mercy) receiving short shrift. Very loud for a small venue, tinitus particuarly bad this morning. The addition of keyboards, from the other Lewis, has added a dimension to the set and Matt's influence on the band appears to be growing. Not a classic gig by any means but a solid performance by a group in a rich vein of form, to borrow a football analogy.
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    Leicester was great! The Musicians is a really good venue (from the front anyway), but as a pub, it's totally music focussed although far too many copy-band posters for my approval. The set seems to be sharpening up in some respects musically from the other night at the Barfly, ie it sounded better.

    I was going to share my recording of Leicester which came out remarkably well as I listened to bits on returning but I managed to delete the files on transfer much to my eternal shame. As a not so poor second here's the Barfly, Leicester sounded better but maybe good things from Bristol and Bath.....

    Wire are top of their game at the moment, all cylinders firing, gigging, developing and showcasing new material. I do miss a certain Bruceness but overall for me these gigs are like those from the late '70's/early eighties, excitement rekindled.


    PS I'm not sure shouts from the crowd for Mercy were asking for the song ;)
    Thanks for sharing your recording, uri. Very much appreciated!
    A very good set, with a great opening of Marooned, Drill and Doubles & Trebles, maintaining the momentum through the first hour or so. For me, it lost a bit for the newer numbers, Harpooned and Corn, both of which I found a bit too noisy. Koreans is good, and Colin seemed almost pleased with himself after the song.
    Loved Comet and in particular, Spent.
    I was calling for the retirement of Boiling Boy, and I am pleased that my suggestion was ignored. It now has some added propulsion. So, as ever dissatisfied, I will make the same request for Pink Flag. It does go on a bit. I was delighted that the set list had 23 Years to Late as the encore. Sadly they took the safe choice.
    Last point, Graham looked manic at times, he really seemed to enjoy the faster numbers.
    Looking forward to Manchester and Paris.
    In this company I feel like an amateur ; last saw them at the Rescue rooms a while back. This gig seemed tighter to me with Boiling Boy a revelation. Please take and Map ref will always be ace. A great night.
    Thank you Uri!!!
    thanks for sharing this it sounds great :-)
    Yep, great show at Leicester - loved the way they defied expectation & put the (abbreviated) "Drill" right at the front of the set.

    The bloke behind me shouted for "Dot Dash" at one point & received a withering look from both Colin & Graham simultaneously, which must've made his night!

    Lots of feedback & associated racket - I dunno whether that was intentional, but they ultimately incorporated it into the set & it ended up being one of the noisiest Wire shows I've witnessed - excellent!