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    I remember seeing this at a record fair years ago at quite a high price, I think it stated that it was recorded at two Amsterdam venues - Paradiso 85 and Melkweg 86 if my memory serves me well. Does anybody know anything about this, ie tracks or veracity of dates, etc? After a couple of years away I am having a bit of a Wire resurgence and wondered if this thing is worth tracking down ...

    Thanks to anybody who can help.

    I have this Vinyl Bootleg in my collection. You are correct in thinking this was recorded at the two said venues. I have not played it for a while. I got lucky and bought it for £25. But it does go with a high price tag. Whether anyone is willing to pay the price is another thing. If you are a completist then go for it. Rowche-Rumble are are selling it for £70.
    This is the track list as it appears on the back cover
    A. Cheeking Tongues. Kidney Bingoes. Feed Me. Nuisance over Theirs. Madmen's Honey. Ambulance Chasers!
    B. An Advantage in Height. Comeback in Two Halves. Drill? Serious of Snakes. Up to the Sun.

    Recorded live at Amsterdam, Paradiso: December 17, 1985 and De Melkweg: October 22, 1986
    Thanks for the info! It's too pricey for me, though ... can you comment on quality? Does it contain info as to which tracks were recorded where?
    Thanks again,
    I've got a digital rip of it. It's a bit bass-heavy and echoey for my liking, but certainly clear and listenable. Its chief value, I'd say, is in exhibiting very early versions of TIC/SD and ABiaC songs.
    I tracked down a copy of this set and have just realised, of course, that the Paradiso segment is now available as one of the first series of legal boots, the only track missing from that official release is Feed me which is clearly from a different show, and presumably the Melkweg.

    So basically I had it all along!
    I don’t know if someone here could help me:
    I’ve acquired a German Promo- or Test-Pressing-copy of this Bootleg called “Kidney Bingoes” (yes, with an “e” after the “o”). It has white labels with the words “Ungeprüftes Muster” and “Unverkäuflich” on both sides. There is also a sticker on side 1 with following words and numbers:

    Kidney Bingoes
    C – 76.23 006-01-1

    The same sticker is on the front side of the otherwise complete white cover. On this sticker the numbers “003966…” were added with a pen.

    This version isn’t listed anywhere nor yet on Discogs.

    Who knows something about this version? How many copies were made? When and where was it published?

    Thank you for helping.

    I've created a Discogs Link, if you want to see some pictures: