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    Not many posts from the tour, so a quick note to say that Wire were really wonderful in Manchester.
    Highlights were the opening, 23 Years Too Late, Spent, and the encore, Drill with Xaviers adding to the mayhem.
    No Pink Flag, which was a relief, and Boiling Boy and Marooned were rested.
    The Change Becomes Us material has a bit more life, live. Magic Bullet in particular benefits from extra drive and volume, as does As We Go.
    A couple of the new songs still sound a bit weak, but maybe they will get an extra ingredient as they develop. Colin seems to like 'em though, being most animated for the newer material. Swallow sounds very, very familiar.
    Still I left smiling having witnessed a really wonderful gig, band smiling, even hugging...
    It still baffles me that Wire are only playing to maybe 300 people. A performance like this merits a larger audience.
    Last thought, Spent is starting to sound like a classic; one of those songs that Wire play with and find something new in. Awesome.
    Xaviers produced a dugga like piece, setting up the encore of Drill nicely. Great to hear new stuff..
    I went to the Wolverhampton gig and thoroughly enjoy the experience, it was a lot more "in your face" and aggressive than I was anticipating, Wire do Sonic Youth. I think you'd describe the crowd as respectfully quiet. The only down side was the mix, the vocals were sacrificed at the alter of pure volume and a big bottom end, while I can live with the guitar drones and feedback my friend didn't enjoy the night as much because he is more of a melody kind of guy and that was lost at the bottom of the pile. Would I go back, hell yeah! it took me 30 years to see them for the first time it's not going to be that long before experience #2.

    Xaviers, I suspect they are better seen than listened to, if you know what I mean. The Can/Neu-esque grooves which appear out of the fog then disappear again shortly after as the fog shifts slightly and another groove starts to take shape.
    Wire at the Brudenell in Leeds last week were fantastic, but I'd have to say that for much of the time, as Slim mentions above for the Wolves gig, the vocals were somewhat indecipherable. This is unusual or the Brudenell which is an excellent venue. Not sure it wa a case of sacrifice, as perhaps the difficulty of obtaining clarity in the midst of everything else that was going on.