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    A really terrific set in Dublin last Friday. The songs sounded really tight and polished. Drilled to perfection. Wire are really at the top of their game now. Much the same set list as previously mentioned. So good to have Tim (another the) Lewis on keyboards - really expands the sound, allowing them to do something like 23 Years Too Late, which sounded excellent. We were only a stone's throw from City Hall, where Tim performed as part of Coil's final concert in 2004. Of the new songs, Harpooned really stood out for me. A bracingly muscular, dirge-like piece - 'sludgecore' as Colin later described it - that is not a million miles from You Can't Leave Now (one of my favourites from Send). Great to hear Marooned too, which ended the set on a more reflective note, followed by some freeform dronery.

    The Workman's was not an ideal venue as the stage area is really tiny. Tim was stuck in a tight corner next to Rob, who was practically hidden behind Colin's amp. It's a wonder someones eye didn't get poked out by a guitar. When it came time for encores, Colin somewhat comically announced that they'd have to go straight into them without the usual stage departures, as once Rob & Tim step out, that's it, no going back in. My only slight criticism overall was the vocals were a bit lost at times.

    Before soundcheck, I convened the band in Dublin Castle (next to City Hall) for some group portraits - something I've been wanting to do since I last photographed them all too briefly in 2004, in Tramway's Hidden Gardens. They were such gracious and patient subjects despite travel fatigue and impending soundcheck. A fan happened across us at one point, and the lads were very happy to pose with the chap's wife and young child. Judging by his Cheshire cat grin, I think it made his day.

    As always, a very nice set of photos, Fergus. As someone who is frequently (mis)interpreted as scowling, the perpetual downward turn of GL's mouth rings a bell with me.
    Cheers Doc !
    Great photographs Fergus!
    Thanks Martin.
    Great pics. I want Colin's jacket (not'd need to be several sizes larger to fit me).
    Am I the only middle aged man on this forum who takes fashion tips from Wire?
    Cheers Tim.

    Wire: A cut above the rest. Suits you sir etc., etc.

    I noticed Rob, perhaps for the first time in over 30 years, was not wearing his boxing boots for playing. Maybe they finally fell apart from the years of faithful service ! He seems to favour those sports t-shirts for playing - they're like an 'away' strip… ;-)
    Excellent pics from you yet again, Fergus.
    How much time did you have to take them?
    The band do a brilliant moody pose, after years of practice. Obviously there was no need to shout out "smile please" or "say cheese" !
    Cheers Stephen. We had about half an hour.
    Forgot I had this:

    The compression doesn't do it any favours, but the one thing I'm not sure about is the pulsing effect from the stage lights, whether that was to do with the incorrect frame rate being selected on my camera, I'm not sure. It was the first movie I shot on the newly purchased Canon 6D full frame camera. Ideas, anyone ?
    Interesting that Wire now have a direct connection to one of my other "essential" bands. Funny that they nearly all have one-word names...

    I've been rather out of the loop about Wire's recent activities, but these developments look more than worthy of getting excited about.
    Interesting that Wire now have a direct connection to one of my other "essential" bands.

    Name ?