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    Follow the typical format of a typical Wire setlist (50% new material and 50% older selections) and construct your ideal Wire setlist. Thought it would be a fun exercise. For me it would be:

    1- Spent
    2- Stealth of A Stork
    3- Blogging Like Jesus
    4- I Should Have Known Better
    5- Magic Bullet
    6- Adore Your Island
    7- Silk Skin Paws
    8- Outdoor Miner
    9- Smash
    10- Eels Sang
    11- A Question of Degree
    12- B&W Silence
    13- German Shepards
    14- Start To Move
    15- Brazil
    16- Pink Flag


    17- Indirect Enquiries
    18- Time Lock Fog


    19- 12XU
    20- In The Art of Stopping
    1 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    2 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    3 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    4 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    5 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    6 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    7 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    8 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    9 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    10 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased

    11 - New song, unrecorded/unreleased
    12 - Vocalist attacks gas stove
    Tortoised has it almost right but a slightly longer set....
    90 mins (minimum), with nowt from RBT or CBU, except Doubles & Trebles!
    If Wire were to subvert the idea of setlists I would suggest this

    Main set:

    1 - Mary Is A Dyke (under 3 minutes)


    2 - Drill (1 hour plus)

    As to a standard song set - I'll get back to you on that one.....
    Not an ideal set, but following the Xaviers encore, I would quite like to see a set with Xaviers adding to the melee.
    Drill, 23 Years too Late, Spent, New Song, Boiling Boy, Magic Bullet, New Song, Advantage in hour total, noise and drone.
    ENCORE, a couple of poppier tracks, Doubles and Trebles, maybe, Please take.
    ENCORE 2. Return of the Drone. 10 minutes of mayhem with the drummers leading the way, maybe a cut up of various tracks coming and going around a driving throb.
    1. Being Sucked In Again
    2. Germ Ship
    3. - 14. go on surprise me
    15. Agfers of Kodack
    16. Attractive Space

    Practice Makes Perfect
    23 Years Late
    1- 23 Years Too Late
    2- Another The Letter
    3- Drill
    4- Advantage in Height
    5- Adore Your Island
    6- Re-Invent Your Second Wheel
    7- Boiling Boy
    8- Blogging
    9- Magic Bullet
    10- One of us
    11- Two People in a Room
    12- Attractive Space
    13- Double & Trebles
    14- I Don't Understand
    15- Harpooned
    16- Spent
    17- Too Late

    18- Heartbeat
    19- Red Barked Tree
    20- 40 Versions + final noise/drone
    but in the end...i'm fine with setlist constantly changing, so it does not sound tired..
    Biccio, I am coming! Please just advise me where the ideal venue is!
    Hopefully it is Paris, as I shall be there on Sunday.
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Doubles & Trebles
    Advantage In Height
    As We Go
    Map Ref
    The 15th
    40 Versions
    A Serious Of Snakes
    Ambulance Chasers
    Keep Exhaling
    Being Sucked In Again
    A Mutual Friend
    Re-Invent Your Second Wheel
    Magic Bullet
    Eels Sang
    Love Bends
    On Returning


    Once Is Enough
    A Question Of Degree
    Too Late
    Damn, am I the only one who loves 'Pieta' and 'Hard Currency' to death?
    1. 35 min Improv'
    2. Crazy About Love
    The Agfers of Kodack
    Stealth of a Stork
    B/W Silence
    Blessed State
    It's A Boy
    In Vivo
    23 Years Too Late
    Magic Bullet
    Serious Of Snakes
    Question Of Degree
    A Public Place

    On Returning
    Doubles and Trebles
    No Warning Given
    There are a couple of gigs that I would find challenging.1231742's ideal night puts him at the radical wing of the Wire obsessives.
    An evening with Fergus looks more enticing.
    23 Years too Late is a regular on the lists. A highlight in the current set.