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    I'm glad Wire do play outside London. I couldn't make the Manchester gig but I managed to see the Preston and Leicester shows which made up for it. Both those shows were sold out and rammed, so it's a shame to hear the Manchester one wasn't full.
    Although according to this review it was 'relatively busy!'

    Another review here plus pics and setlist and I'm amused to see that the closing Drill with Xaviers was renamed 'Godrilla'!
    Just to go back to the original point, I'm assuming the OP is a satirical genius as I'm of the precise polar opposite. I'm one of those who's actually slightly disappointed that Wire play any old material at all.
    There was barely 50 at the Wolverhampton gig. It was still a brilliant performance, mind.
    it was a thin crowd at Wolves but I think a few more than 50 ;-) I just saw that one and Bristol the next night , far more there. last year in Brum was a really big attendance and a great atmosphere , shame on the West Mids Massive for not putting the effort in this time around , can't really think why as I see a lot of gigs in Wolves and generally they go well. having said that , we got a second encore of marooned in Wolves but just the one in Bristol so I was glad I got to see that. Nothing wrong with the Wolves performance , just not much of an audience reaction....
    Oh FFS is John Robb still banging on about Wire being punk:
    "No matter how much they deny it Wire are a punk band. Of course punk has such a different meaning now that this would baffle the modern fan and the band but for some of us they define everything about what we thought punk was"

    He took this line with the (very poor) interview session he did with Wire in Manchester a few years back and got shot down by Graham. Graham asked me later who this guy was. My only reply is that he was the self proclaimed mouth of punk in the North west.

    So according to Robb even wire are baffled at the meaning of punk. Hmmm, how can they be baffled about it when they never were!!

    I personally would go further and say Wire were amongst a small group of people - Vic Godard, Howard Devoto, Mark P included - who were questioning Punk's ideals and self-imposed restrictions at the time Punk was still in its heyday.
    Gang of Four too. Possibly The Slits, certainly Siouxsie.
    Pop Group for another - the list could get very long! The fact is they were lumped together under the 'punk' banner, as there was no other term of reference. It also depends upon the speakers definition of 'punk'! if it is soley on the type of music played, then those mentioned above were not punk. however, they were influenced (even if only to take up instruments/pen & form a band/write a fanzine), by punk - that is without question! So for the blinkered wearing masses, there were punk, even if they sounded nowt like Pistols/Clash! & was that not always the ethos of 'punk'? Get up & do your own thing? So by another definition Wire were 'punk'.

    For myself they weren't, tho they were clearly influenced by & PF may've been the 1st 'post-punk' lp, but let's not get bogged down by genres, sub-genres, labelling & 'putting things in boxes' generally - none of us'll get any work done!
    A concert is not a deposit of orders of songs to be played just because you payed for it. I always respect the freedom of the arrtists to select songs for a live-setlist. In fact I love to be surprised by the Artists which songs made it on stage and which didn't this time. Looking extremely forward to the concert in St. Gallen next saturday.
    I just remembered something I was told about Neil Young. Back in the 70's he was touring to promote a new album. At the start if the show he told the audience to stick with him and he'd play some stuff they were more familiar with later on. Once he'd played the whole of the new album he kept his word and played it again. I think Wire need to up their game.
    Just like to add that i thoroughly enjoyed Wire at Norwich and i really appreciate that they don't rest on their laurels meaning that they are forever making new music and moving forward which today seems to be a crime, although listening to old music is great and brings back fond memories etc we should embrace groups that are still moving forward.
    I realise everyone is entitled to there opinions