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    Wire All Tomorrow's Parties 2002

    This is either from Camber Sands April 20th 2002 or April 27th 2002 (I don't know which), but was broadcast either on John Peel's Radio 1 FM show, or possibly the (then) fledgling BBC 6 music radio station (in that case, probably, Tom Robinson's programme) :-

    TrackList :-
    1. I Don't Understand
    2. Pink Flag (probably an encore)
    (these may not have the same track numbers inside the archive, due to the fact that I ripped them from an old CD-R compilation - the track numbers would correspond with that compilation, in other words!)

    But I think I did record it properly here.

    And if you can't work out what to do with compressed archives like RAR files, or non-lossy compressed audio files like FLAC's, please don't come asking me ...

    instead try googling those terms, PLEASE !
    I think this was a 6 Music broadcast , they put out chunks of it a couple of times and eventually broadcast the whole set. at the time it was great to have a quality version of "he knows" , which had been dropped from the set soon after. thanks
    There was definitely a (partial, I guess) Radio 1 broadcast, I am quite sure it was on John Peel's show.. although I only caught the end of it ("Lowdown" was the last song)
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all these Send era goodies mate!

    Could not post again until today because I lost my forum password after an operating system glitch, but now I'm back I can now confirm that this April 20 or 27, 2002 Camber Sands broadcast was played by Tom Robinson on his show just before the interview and short live session with the band in the studio (see "BBC 6 Music Live session" post).