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    Where's this from? Is it the one-off performance on Bruce's 50th (Southbank 1996)?
    Yep. Also, better quality here:
    Good find! Never seen that before.
    • CommentAuthoruri says...
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    Always been very fond of this video/performance. Wire as such had not existed at the time for years nor for quite a few years after so to pull off something like this from nowhere is a testament to their capabilities. Lots of Bruce influence in there, he had a way of bringing in otherworldly riffs that are like nothing you'd ever heard, I hope Matt can evolve to fill those shoes.
    Bloody racket. I love it!

    Maybe time to start a new thread; what's your favourite version of Drill?

    I particularly liked the recent Berlin (I think) performance interspersed with Neubaten. Majestic stuff.
    My favourite drill was one I saw live at Camber Sands ATP Festival in 2000. They were playing a spin off of the Royal Festival Hall 'retrospective' set but I didn't expect to hear Drill. It was purely instrumental apart from a 'COULD THIS BE A DRILL' shout and a bit of roaring from Graham at the end, and was a signpost to what would become 'Send'. Awesome.
    I'm not sure whether it's my favourite version of "Drill"—it's nothing I've ever made the effort to figure out—but the back-to-back of "Pink Flag" and "Drill" to end the Edinburgh Queen's Hall show in 2000 is something that I've used to convince/test people (i.e., do you get why this is genius?). It's definitely one of my favourite "Drill" performances, but there might be others yet …
    Guess I should also admit to using Drill in my job as primary school teacher: the kids move to it for some early morning aerobics!! (Notice, by the way, that I said 'the kids move to it'. Their teacher just works the CD player and nods his head up and down.) Not sure if they would pass Dr Medulla's test of realising it as genius though..
    Sod Dr. Medulla's opinion, what the hell does Ofsted think? Best put one of these in .. :-)

    My favourite Drill that I've found on Youtube is the Late Show version and I don't give a dugga, despite recent written testimonies - it's concise, 'tight', and love the uplifts at about 1.25' and 2.35'

    I wish they'd cut that lass with the long gloves though.
    Yes - that's a cracking version. I remember seeing the clip shown large for the first time at the RFH bash in 2000. I found the interview very amusing and not in the slightest bit embarrassing..

    In addition to my comments above on classroom practice, I ought to add that when the little devils won't behave, I threaten to play them Manscape. That normally does the trick. Either that, or some heavy Bruce.
    > I ought to add that when the little devils won't behave, I threaten to play them Manscape. That normally does the trick. Either that, or some heavy Bruce.

    Playing them In Esse could end up with you in the docket in The Hague. :P
    I'll risk anything to stem the inexorable and insufferable tide of One Direction...

    Another favourite Drill is Solex's take on the Various Artisists play Dugga compilation. She's one of those artists I find myself coming back to again and again. Her four CDs, on Matador I think, are well worth investigating if you haven't.
    Dittos on the Solex recommendation. "Low Kick and Hard Bop" is especially excellent.