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    I downloaded the six available iphone/camera recordings of this brilliant Heaven encore from YouTube, lined them up, and switched the video editor to multi-cam mode. One quick-and-dirty edit session later, this was the result:
    Excellent stuff—thanks for doing that!
    Absolutely brilliant - for me - this should be the definitive film of the event! Just shared it on my facebook page - love it!
    Wow, almost 600 views in 24 hours. Thanks, guys!
    Are there other Wire performances on YouTube that are covered by at least 3, 4 cameras? I'd like to make another multi-cam version of something but can't find source material.
    This is so great. Thanks for putting this together!
    Did anyone shoot the Seattle Pink Flag Orchestra?
    I wonder what happened to all the footage The Quietus mob shot in London. It'd be interesting to see a high-quality performance of the Heaven gig's orchestra.
    Anyone noteworthy amongst the guest Pink Flag guitarists in Seattle?
    Page Hamilton !
    From the Quietus site..

    Full video of exceedingly loud massed guitar blast through 'Pink Flag' at DRILL:LONDON.

    Preceded by an interview with Colin Newman, Film shot and edited by Kenichi Iwasa.