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    Here – finally – is news of the next instalment in the Bootleg Series.

    It’s been a lengthy process – I’m sure you can appreciate that Wire has been extremely busy this year, with the release of Change Becomes Us and extensive touring. And as the Bootleg Series progresses, we want to keep the quality as high as possible. With older recordings, we do have a finite pot of marketable gigs, though new recordings do surface from time to time.

    We’ve chosen three very different performances for different decades...

    Amsterdam Carre, March 5, 1979

    A Roxy Music tour support show – prime ’70s Wire on fine form, playing Chairs Missing and 154 songs. It’s a similar set to the Rockpalast show, but with a much more engaged Amsterdam audience. An excellent, full-sounding recording.

    London Mean Fiddler, July 12, 1991

    A real rarity – Wir, playing a set comprised almost entirely of The First Letter material. Three-piece line-up, with Graham stage centre. Includes a real collector’s item – a Bruce Gilbert live vocal. An audience tape, but very clear.

    Off Festival, Myslowice, Poland August 9, 2009

    A first for the bootleg series – an Object 47-era performance, for the time when Margaret Fiedler McGinnis was playing guitar. Only four years ago, but very different to today’s band. A superb quality soundboard recording.

    Release will follow as soon as mastering has been completed. Stay tuned.
    Excellent news ! Thanks for the update Mark.
    "London Mean Fiddler, July 12, 1991"

    Marvellous selection. I haven't heard any of these, so I'm very much looking forward to this batch.
    I was at the Mean Fiddler gig.

    Best show I've ever seen in my life.
    Hi Mark,

    So the Carre 79 show is presumably Hans's AUD master from Dime?

    ..if so it's very good for an AUD but wouldn't the Montreux show that seems to exist in SBD quality (as Heartbeat is on D&E) have been a better choice? Not a complaint at all just a query, maybe issues with Mute?

    The other two look like great choices, thanks a lot for the update.

    Hi Jim

    The Montreux gig is tied up with D&E - there will be some form of D&E reissue in the future, but the final form is undecided.

    We do have the complete recordings of all the three gigs that form D&E. But for the purposes of the Bootleg Series, they're off-limits at the moment. Otherwise, you'd have had both Electric Ballroom and Notre Dame Hall by now!

    The Amstredam gig is available on Dime, but not everyone accesses torrent sites, and in any case it will be improved by professional mastering. It's so good that it deserves a wider issue. Montreux is cleaner, but I prefer the performance at Amsterdam.
    Interesting, thanks Mark. Would be very excited to get a whole Notre Dame Hall recording, the bits we have had are stunning, especially the version of Go Ahead. Always reminds me of Throbbing Gristle for some reason, in a good way.

    THanks for the update... particularly looking forward to the Mean Fiddler gig!
    Amsterdam - if I remember rightly - is this where the gig ends with the audience chanting "Roxy! Roxy!" - if so it would be interesting if that was left in.....

    Great to see the series is re-engaged and looking forward to grabbing the lot
    All good stuff - very tasty morsels! Thanks for the news.

    I once had a compilation video of various items, including the Snub TV interview, some DOME at the Hacienda and, I think, Wir. The Wir pieces included footage of Graham and / or Colin suspending a bucket over the (bemused) audience. My memory fails me and the video has, alas, long since gone. Was this the Mean Fiddler? I wasn't at the gig myself.
    The Wir footage with buckets was shot when they supported Blur in 1991 for one gig only
    Thanks Kevin. That'll explain the bemusement.
    @mark'em that would 'Free Speech and More TV'. I still have it on VHS somewhere, and also have the very neat and nifty CD-ROM Version which has lo-fi Quicktime versions of some of the same footage
    There were buckets at the Mean Fiddler gig too, fact fans.
    What is 'Free Speech and More TV' ... and the CD-ROM ? I have everything by Wire (or so I thought) but have never heard of this ...
    Way back, Uri compiled a Wire video from high-quality sources, which was unheard of at the time. (This was in the mid-1990s, pre-YouTube.) It included the vast majority of the Wire promos, some solo stuff, and some live footage as well. 'Free Speech and More TV' was a CD-ROM I designed for computers of the day, which had QuickTime videos of a selection of the tracks. Looking at my CD rack, I don't appear to even have a copy here, although there might still be one knocking around somewhere.
    Looking forward to listening to these sometime in 2015
    Thanks very much for the update!
    Pretty sure I've still got a copy of FS&MTV kicking around somewhere. If people really want a copy for completist purposes, I can look and upload a disc image of it.