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    no the tape I have and passed on is definitely mixing desk. So the Bootleg series version must another they opted to use. shame as the mixing desk has real punch and depth
    That is a shame. it's not a bad recording by any means but it's lacking in top end and has the murky sound , background chatter and distortion you'd expect from an audience tape.

    I thought the idea was to use the best available masters for this series. Maybe if there is a better source it can be released as with the Jeanetta Cochrane show.
    Would it be too much to expect the final installment of this series any time soon? Coming up on the one year mark since we purchased this package.
    I suppose then that the answer is "Yes, it would be too much to ask"
    I had totally forgotten about the final installment of this series
    It is fairly quiet generally...a status report would be nice every few months.
    With the constant flow of Wire torrents available on Dimeadozen from Cyrus, the third installment seems less important. I too pretty much forgot about it. Wire was relentlessly busy last year with touring and I can see why the Legal Bootleg Series might be put on the back-burner. Additionally, Wire has earned some well-deserved time off, so I will continue to be patient. That said, it was paid for a million years ago and should be delivered at some point.

    Someone was kind enough to send me the complete 70 minute Electric Ballroom show, something that was promised for the first go round of the LBS, and then as an official release, but nothing ever came of it. Despite the fact that I already have it, seems to me this concert would be the perfect 3rd series closer since it ranks (in my mind) as the most important and best ever Wire bootleg. Meanwhile, considering how much earlier material has seen the light of day on Dime and elsewhere since this all began, it would be useful to include some hitherto unheard 2013 live material, sound checks, radio shows and/or other recent odds and ends.

    Finally, if there are still plans to release the Electric Ballroom as an official product, shouldn't it be done before all of us ground-zero (1977) fans die of old age?
    It would also be nice if there were any of the performances from the 1970's with Mike Thorne(?) on keyboards, I distinctly remember seeing a tape deck running from the sound desk at both a matinee and an evening performance at Eric's in Liverpool, so I am assuming/guessing that there could be a recording somewhere.
    The complete Electric Ballroom show is what everyone wants and hopefully they will finally deliver on it. It would be a nice thank you after a really long wait.
    Personally I'd prefer a proper D&E reissue with the Electric Ballroom and Notre Dame Hall in full as has been mooted before. For the bootleg series, any more quality recordings from the more recent past (IE OB47 onwards) would be preferrable. But as always we will get what we will get when we get it and that's fine with me.
    I've mentioned it before, but I wouldn't mind the Chicago and Portugal shows that made up the basis for IBTABA. I would assume that these would be desk recordings, so the quality should be excellent.
    I would love one of the shows toward the end of phase 1.Hull Tiffany's for example..
    "the Chicago and Portugal shows that made up the basis for IBTABA"

    I'd assume Mute will still own the rights to those.
    Ah, yes, you're probably right.
    I second the call for an "official" D&E redux for a wider audience rather than tossing that away as a bootleg series release. I suspect it would have been counter-productive to re-release D&E near to CBU but hopefully it is still on the cards. D&E is part of the Wire canon and documents a key moment in the bands history so it seems worthwhile to reissue it with better recordings if they exist although preferably accompanied by the original disc as I suspect most of us will retain affection for the original distortion, and future generations should be able go to the Arctic even though we know that it's cold.
    From what I can remember, The Electric Ballroom gig was just plainly badly recorded. Wire had the best recordings available with which to make D&E. I have a recorded tape around somewhere of the complete Electric Ballroom gig and complete version of Wire's own original wire recording would be good. Can't see how better recordings can exist??
    At the Electric Ballroom the mixing desk engineer patched up the 1/4 inch tape recorder so that only one channel was recorded and that was slightly distorted in places. This was what was used for D&EW and is the only workable tape that could be used if any full gig re-release is ever considered. All the set was recorded and the tracks not on D&EW were used on Turns & Strokes.
    *Confused face* I thought a better recording had been found, was originally going to be in a Bootleg series but was later mooted for a future D&E reissue? There was a load of chat about it on the forum ages ago...I can't find the thread it was in.
    The only other recordings that could surface would be audience tapes and given the state of portable recording equipment back in 1980 I don't hold up much hope of it bettering the master tape
    At this point I would be satisfied if literally anything were released OR at the very least a statement from the band acknowledging that something is in the works or in the pipeline. It's been well over a year since we first put down the money for the complete set. It's going to be very hard to justify supporting future Pink Flag endeavors after this fiasco.