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    "It's been well over a year since we first put down the money for the complete set"

    ... or longer, given that the full Elec Ballroom set was originally mooted for the FIRST bootleg series (and I know it wasn't promised, just suggested ... but it was clearly an incentive for me and, surely, others)

    Much as I'd love to see a full CD release of D+E with both sets in their entirety (plus Heartbeat) I doubt it will happen any time soon. The glory days of reissues - WMO, Behind The Curtain, etc - seem long ago. Look how Recycling Sherwood Forest languished in the ether for ages, and then was only made available as a download to those who could afford to fork out £66.99 for the second bootleg series (or as I call it, The Official Dimeadozen Series). RSF would have made a great stop-gap CD, a kind of IBTABA Volume 2. A real missed opportunity, methinks.
    I've been thinking about this and what I'd like to have as an episode of the series is the full, mighty, unedited version of Drill from Bruce's birthday bash thingy in '96
    Wondering which will come first: The pre-order of the next Wire album or the final installment of this series
    judging from some photos posted on wire's facebook page one might think possibly the former..
    What a tease!
    If I had the money I swear I would be putting down all sorts of dosh for these. It is consistently a pleasure to listen to the samples of these shows, and I think that having them whole would just be great.
    Maybe the final instalment will constitute Wire's 40 years celebrations!
    18 months today since orders first opened for this series. Last installment showed up 9 months ago.

    The delay on the 3rd round isn't quite as troublesome as the silence on the topic.
    Silence generally! Time to at least provide a hint on when something might be sent!
    The reality of the situation is they already have our money. If we paid for the installments in stages you can be quite sure that the third series would have been completed some time ago. No extra money to be made = no incentive to release the series in a timely manner. You see this type of thing play out all the time on places like Kickstarter. It's just not a good way to do business.

    I won't be supporting the Pink Flag store in the future. Moving forward the only Wire product I will be purchasing is the product I can hold in my hand at the record store. Tired of throwing money into a black hole.
    "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?...."
    In response to Huntington, I understand your frustration, but if the cause if the delay is Wire recording 19 new tracks, I am prepared to be patient.
    I do think that an update from Wire HQ should be provided. Maybe Colin has lost interest in pinkflag?
    Oh well, the recordings only happened in May and lasted no more than 2 weeks, so that hardly explains the previous several months of no progress on this..
    Said that, i am totally patient and personally can wait. A small update on when things might happen would be nice though, i guess.
    Would be nice to get some sort of explanation.
    As a man with limited future (Huntington's Disease) looking forward to things and being patient doesn't have the same appeal......