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    Been tracking the progress of the new tracks through a couple of gigs seen and a few retrieved from a site named after a certain small form of US currency.....

    Looks like in Europe they've been opening with an instrumental - which appears to be called "Traams" - not sure of the validity of that - the outro they've been playing on several gigs just seems to be tagged on to "Spent" or "Pink Flag"

    The ones we do know

    "Blogging Like Jesus" is now just "Blogging"
    "Swallow Corn" was changed to "Swallow" by its second appearance
    "Nocturnal Koreans" and "Harpooned" remain the same as from inception

    The one that is the most hung up on it's identity started as "Flying Dutchman", a few dates into the US tour it became "Flying Dutch" - remaining that way throughout the UK dates - now they are touring in Europe it's become "Black Watch Pipers".

    They'll probably all be called something else by the time the album comes out.
    Traams was the name of the support band (referred to as "opener") in Vienna on the 10th of October, and at the St.Gallen Palace gig (acording to the dime uploader) the song title is 'Black Watch Pipes'
    The song at St Gallen was introduced by Graham as "Black Watch Pipers" - either the uploader is mistaken or Graham's glasses need a new prescription
    Ha!..yes, 'Black Watch Pipers' it is then;-)
    Just to underline that - I've managed to hear the Vienna show - and again - Graham introduces the track as "Black Watch Pipers".
    It seems like Tim plays a big role in some of these new tunes (especially Harpooned) I wonder if he'll be recording with the band when it comes time to make a new record?