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    That track keeps putting images in my head so I figured it was best to get them out. Yep, it's a fan video but don't worry, I'm not miming. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the song, as I experience it. Shot on HD-video and VHS (yes, really) the result is now on YouTube. Unfortunately my internet connection is too unreliable to upload huge HD files, so you'll have to settle for the standard YouTube quality. Sorry about that. Hope you'll like it nevertheless.

    By the way, I stole one shot from an existing Wire video. But you would have all spotted that anyway, of course ;-)
    nice work Yintan!
    I must admit, I don't usually expect much from fan videos, but this one was nicely conceived and neatly matched the claustrophobic, dark atmosphere of the music.
    Thanks, guys!
    Great, I didn't spot the stolen clip but that has a similar feel to some of the better 80s Wire videos ( I mean that as a compliment).

    If I was in Wire I'd make that the official promo clip for the song and give Yintan a share of the tens of pence that YouTube plays earn!
    Great job Yintan.
    The stolen clip is the shots of the white lines of the road (from the "Ahead" video). I concur with all and sundries on 'ere - and agree with Mr Swimmer about it being the official YouTube clip - so what do you reckon Messrs Swimhq and Lewis?
    Well spotted, Leefact25. Now "recognize the cipher" ;-) Thanks again to everybody for the compliments. Should Wire be interested in the video, I'd be happy to send them a disc with the HD master and give them the copyright. Just as a way of saying thanks for all that brilliant music.
    I like it!!
    Good work. You've done it justice
    Come on, there must be somebody who doesn't like it. All this praise is going to my head... :-)
    Yintan, you can do my next wedding video! This is 100 times better than the Eardrum Buzz video...
    Eh? The Eardrum Buzz video is ace! What's not to like? Colin's interpretative dance, Bruce on Tambourine beckoning Graham off stage, Graham knocking dust out of his ear, all those cameo appearances from various Cocteaus, New Order, Bjork, Peel etc. Robert keeping time oblivious to the madness around him as always.
    It was also pretty much my first real exposure to Wire when I saw it on the ITV Chart Show back in 1989. I think it showcases the absurdist side of Wire really well.
    @Stevie: Your next wedding video? That sounds kinda ominous :)