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    • CommentAuthoruri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 20th 2013 edited)
    Was very surprised to see Steve Ignorant's (Williams actually apparently) new band Slice of Life supporting UK Decay in islington the other night, I went with a friend of different musical taste who was getting very nervous at the sight of the sort of people who were all heading where we were. To my surprise, there was Steve I. by the merch stand getting lots of attention. Totally bald, 56 and extremely affable. Nothing spiky or punky at all about him now. He has mellowed immensely in terms of his persona although I would imagine that he would always have been easy to get on with and less overtly political than his image or lyrics.

    I warned my friend to have low expectations but mine were vastly exceeded. The band consist of a lady on keyboards and 2 blokes on guitar and electric double bass. He sings melodically, quietly but with a very appealing cockney twang. They sound NOTHING like Crass.
    The set was interspersed with Steve's observations on life and his time with Crass, before and after.
    I recorded this snippet of a song called "Love"


    PS Oh yes, UK Decay were excellent!
    cheers uri!
    anyone who's interested to find out how much he's mellowed, if they're interested, should buy his autobiography (sorry, forget it's title), where he'll give you his story from being a young Bowie fan, through his Crass days and, via oi & Punch & Judy, finally his time as a lifeboatman and his settled life with his partner. Totally nice bloke - & i say that having never met him!

    If yer interested in Steve, then you might also be interested in The History of Crass by George Berger. Excellent indepth look at Crass (not just the band, but the hippy ideal and the agitating they did before they were a band - and after) and the battle they had for Dial House, which, thankfully, they won!
    George Berger was the singer in a not very well known band 'Flowers in the Dustbin', one of the bands loosely associated with Crass. He was called Gerard then. They are surprisingly good. If you've not heard them/ of them, "Freaks run wild in the disco" is a good starting point
    that's ace!
    How the hell did i let this lot bypass me all those years ago!?!?!?
    Here is a recent BBC video report about Steve. Yep, he's a gentle bloke. His book is called The Rest Is Propaganda and if you - like me - are a Crass fan, the remastered versions of their albums ("The Crassical Collection") sound a lot better than the original releases from the 1980s. Right, that's enough link spam ;-)
    I didn't bother with the remastered versions - they were meant to sound underproduced & live in the studio! it was the ethic of the time. I even baulked at the idea of Crass (& their ilk) on cd!
    The remastering was not so much about production, more about sound quality. In order to physically fit all those tracks on one LP, dynamic levels and bass levels were reduced during the 1980's vinyl mastering. Which is why they sound so tinny, even the band itself complained about that. That's been solved now. They still sound live and unpolished, but at least you can hear they've got a bass player too.