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    It's that time of year when Music papers, Blogzines and Record Stores start announcing their end of year charts. It'll be interesting to see how CBU fares.

    It makes the Top 10 at Sister Ray and even better still it is their 3rd biggest selling Vinyl LP second only to David Bowie and Daft Punk, and outselling big hitters like Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave. Not bad eh?
    A respectable no.34 in The Quietus
    and the list was chosen by their small team of 4 staffers so chart placings are a bit random really
    Funny to see Push The Sky Away and The Next Day so high up in another list. I must be missing something, because I thought both mediocre. (And my wife, a big Nick Cave fan, thought the new one was terrible.)
    even Quietus pay homage to 'stars' based on previous monumental product! Shame.
    i have to go something like 15 years back or more to find a nick cave album i really liked.
    I'm glad to hear it's not just me who's all Caved out, I've not even given this last album a spin on Spotify.
    The Quietus list is picked by just 4 people btw, which I presume is their entire "staff". What I like about The Quietus is while they generally operate far left of centre, they're not afraid to interview Charlotte Church or Kim Wilde or write a think-piece about Iron Maiden. It's this that separates them from the rather dry and precious world of The Wire magazine, and deflects accusations of Nathan Barley-esque hipsterism, so naturally there are some more mainstream choices there. That said, the vast majority of their Top 100 includes some pretty way out stuff, I certainly can't claim to have heard a great deal of it...there is some pretty way-out stuff there so I think we can forgive them The Next Day.
    I actually quite like "The Next Day", it's obviously made by a man under no pressure (other than whatever pressure he puts himself under) just for fun, nothing is over thought and probably better for it.
    I happen to think Next Day is especially excellent, but if you're not a fan of Mr Sane to begin with it's prob not your thing.

    Very true, Slim. Visconsi said they recorded about 30 tracks so hopefully a follow up record will be released sometime soon.
    "even Quietus pay homage to 'stars' based on previous monumental product! Shame"

    Yeah but if they incl a psychedelic stoner rock band like Endless Boogie they're def doing their homework!
    In today's Sunday Times there's a "100 Best Records Of The Year" broken down into a number of categories. Change Becomes Us pitches in at number 20 in the 'Rock & Pop' records of the year.
    Wire were most notable from their absence in the end of year charts. Perhaps a consequence of an early release in the year? For me it was no. 2, with Unknown Mortal Orchestra pipping it. Another absence from the end of year charts...
    Not surprisingly I've put Wire in my end of year charts for Mudkiss Fanzine - which is sadly closing but we're going out on a high! The Heaven show was Number 2 in my Gigs of the year

    and with the best albums of the year it was harder trying to work out Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 - as "Change Becomes Us" was (nice) streets above the rest at Number 1

    You'll have to scroll down a bit for both of my Top Fives but they are there I promise :-)
    Thoroughly good egg, writer of Ideal and Wire fan Graham Duff lists his top 35 albums of 2013