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    At our work Christmas 'do' this year (very possibly the final one I'll attend) we were all asked to provide three songs we'd like putting on the playlist to boom out of the venue's PA, party vibe and dancing an unspoken guiding criteria.

    Two guys were sorting this and retained some editorial control. I think they were overwhelmed by the amount of cheese that made up the requests. And on this basis (and it's brevity - I would think) they allowed Stealth Of A Stork through.

    It sounded great but was met with almost unanimous screwed up "wtf" type faces. A great 1.54 minutes.

    (oh and it was from Spotify so Wire will get their $0.003 or whatever the going rate is)
    Probably not the best floor-filler for a Works Xmas do. Go for 'Crazy About Love' next time, that'll get the party started.
    Me Swimmer, how wrong you are. The clue is in the title, Crazy About Love is bedroom music, ideal for seduction.